Ramaladni's GiftRamaladni’s Gift is a legendary material that lets players add a socket to a weapon that doesn’t already have one. This is effectively a free fifth primary affix and is required for any really top quality weapon… but how to find the Gift in the first place? It drops randomly from any target on Torment 1 or higher, but the drop rate is not boosted by Magic Find, it’s mot more commonly found from in Rifts or out of them, doesn’t drop specially from Guardians or Act Bosses, etc. You’ve just got to kill lots of stuff and open chests, and eventually if you’re on Torment+, you’ll find one.

    “Eventually” being the key word.

    How eventual is eventual? A fan on Reddit compiled a bunch of player reports on their Gift find rates, added up their Paragon levels, and came up with a rule of thumb for the drop rate. From his calculations, players can expect to find one Gift of Ramaladni approximately every 45 billion experience. That’s about as much experience as is required to go from Paragon 1 up to Paragon 240, and from there it’s just a matter of adding another 45m exp and calculating what Paragon Level that’s worth. So here’s the list, showing about how many Gifts you can expect to find by the time you’ve earned up to X Paragon level.

    Gift of Ramaladni Drop Rates Decoded:

  • 1 by P240
  • 2 by P320
  • 3 by P375
  • 4 by P415
  • 5 by P450
  • 10 by P550
  • 25 by P675
  • 50 by P750
  • 100 by P850
  • 200 by P975
  • I remember pre-Patch 2.1 when many of us thought Gifts would be easy to find and we were like, “I’ll just save the best weapon I find so I can enchant it and then Gift it once I find one.” And some players got lucky and found one or two Gifts right away, quickly buffing their weapon and feeling fine!

    Others… not so much…

    I’ve yet to find a Gift and long since stopped saving any potentially Giftable weapon for that blessed day. I thought I was way below the luck curve, though after referring to the chart I see that I should have found about 1.8 Gifts so far, which means I’m just unlucky, rather than “cursed by the gods unlucky.” Though I’m sure I’ll now find a Gift (or 2) in the same game, then go a month trying to find an ideal weapon to use it upon. Because if you can’t be screwed by RNG, it’s not a Diablo game.

    Have you guys had better or worse luck finding your Gift?

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