Gift of Ramaladni Drop Rates Decoded

Ramaladni's GiftRamaladni’s Gift is a legendary material that lets players add a socket to a weapon that doesn’t already have one. This is effectively a free fifth primary affix and is required for any really top quality weapon… but how to find the Gift in the first place? It drops randomly from any target on Torment 1 or higher, but the drop rate is not boosted by Magic Find, it’s mot more commonly found from in Rifts or out of them, doesn’t drop specially from Guardians or Act Bosses, etc. You’ve just got to kill lots of stuff and open chests, and eventually if you’re on Torment+, you’ll find one.

“Eventually” being the key word.

How eventual is eventual? A fan on Reddit compiled a bunch of player reports on their Gift find rates, added up their Paragon levels, and came up with a rule of thumb for the drop rate. From his calculations, players can expect to find one Gift of Ramaladni approximately every 45 billion experience. That’s about as much experience as is required to go from Paragon 1 up to Paragon 240, and from there it’s just a matter of adding another 45m exp and calculating what Paragon Level that’s worth. So here’s the list, showing about how many Gifts you can expect to find by the time you’ve earned up to X Paragon level.

Gift of Ramaladni Drop Rates Decoded:

  • 1 by P240
  • 2 by P320
  • 3 by P375
  • 4 by P415
  • 5 by P450
  • 10 by P550
  • 25 by P675
  • 50 by P750
  • 100 by P850
  • 200 by P975
  • I remember pre-Patch 2.1 when many of us thought Gifts would be easy to find and we were like, “I’ll just save the best weapon I find so I can enchant it and then Gift it once I find one.” And some players got lucky and found one or two Gifts right away, quickly buffing their weapon and feeling fine!

    Others… not so much…

    I’ve yet to find a Gift and long since stopped saving any potentially Giftable weapon for that blessed day. I thought I was way below the luck curve, though after referring to the chart I see that I should have found about 1.8 Gifts so far, which means I’m just unlucky, rather than “cursed by the gods unlucky.” Though I’m sure I’ll now find a Gift (or 2) in the same game, then go a month trying to find an ideal weapon to use it upon. Because if you can’t be screwed by RNG, it’s not a Diablo game.

    Have you guys had better or worse luck finding your Gift?

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    1. I found 3 so far (paragon 346) but I find that these don't drop often enough. I'm ok for them being rare, but I think it's a tad too rare (An average of once every ~50-100 rifts would be good). I mean I'm gearing a char of each class and they are on their way to being fully geared but don't have gifts to finish off the weapons.

    2. Found at least 6 of them and i did not know they were this rare. better keep the ones i have in stock for when bad RNG happens. btw i am just p405.

    3. Had my 2nd one drop fairly recently, I'm in the P460 neighborhood. Used my first one and then died with the gifted weapon about a week later. Saving my 2nd one. One thing I do know, much better to gift something that you haven't already enchanted, that's for sure.

    4. I've found 3…now at p364.

    5. I'm slowly edging closer to p300, and batting zero.

    6. Hi,

      I already find 4. I’m paragon 425. I find two within half an hour, I guess I was lucky…But my drop rate seems to mess up the calculations.



    7. P221 and have found one.
      but from P190

      • to P220 was a few months since i went to hardcore with a crusader.
        the massive amount of RNG (given length of play, time away from torment ect.) for any given player is kinda hard to fathom that there is a golden rule to how many you should find.

    8. I’ve been super lucky, as I’ve found 4 and I’m only on plvl 270.

    9. Well according to that list I should have found 4-5.
      Got no drops so far.

      A friend gave me one though after he read my complaining about the retarded droprate. Apparently he had like 8 of them, just found another one and that with just para 300…

      • It's nice that the Gift isn't BoA like everything else, so actually giving them away is an option. At least in limited fashion.

    10. I've found 1, and I'm only at paragon 190. A few days later I found a WoH and quickly added it to it 🙂 Didn't think this thing was so rare, guess I was kinda lucky 🙂

    11. So far i have found 4 or 5, all below paragon 250.
      I am playing Season Hardcore. First one dropped at about 80 or 90 lvl.
      That estimation from a Reddit fan no way applies to my history on Season HC.and surprisingly they (for now ofcourse) stopped dropping from like 260~270 paragon ( i am now p305).

    12. Found 2 (from paragon 2xx at start of v2 to 420 now) of which I've lost one during an unfortunate encounter between fire and ice (molten kabooms while frozen).

    13. The first white trash mob I killed on Torment 1 dropped one. Literally the first.

      Found a second one since then, and Im P170. Looks like I’m lucky!

    14. I've found 3 already in SC, and I'm paragon 247 (season 1).

    15. I've found one at plvl arround 200. Just after using it, I found an upgrade.

    16. I've found two at P235ish, but I started at about P80 from before RoS.

      I haven't used them though, because there's nothing I've found that seems so OP that it needs an extra affix and a socket. Most good weapons already have +damage, +% damage, main stat, and socket. IAS just doesn't feel "worth it" and while there are a few weapons that can naturally get CD on them, I either got those drops with a socket already and don't have enough forgotten souls to turn them into a better affix and then gift it, or it's just not worth it.

      I suppose there could be some cool weapons with something more useful than the four affixes I mentioned above, but I haven't found anything rolled so perfectly to warrant use of a Gift.

      • Well if you've got a Gift, you might as well use it. The obvious scenario is probably to find a weapon with with mainstat, ias, and +dmg%, so you could use the enchant on the DPS. But if you rolled something with great dps then you'd enchant the existing socket into ias or dmg or even something like LoH…

    17. I've found none so far & I'm paragon 277

    18. I've found 4 so far. One still unused.

    19. Up to 8 or 9 in Seasonal Hardcore. P250ish. First time the game actually has coughed something up at way better than expected rates.

      Of course … a gift requires a worthy weapon.

    20. P438 and found 0. They are way too rare.

    21. Around 25 at p590 on season. Right now I'm at 14 since I'm using them at any good weapon I see. Drop rate is steady for me. I kepp finding new ones.

    22. Para 275 now, found my 2nd at para 250-ish

    23. I have found 6 and I'm only paragon 176.
      My problem is finding worthy weapons.
      I've used 3.

    24. I've found two so far on my Seasons Crusader…I can't remember exactly what Paragon level I was at (they dropped pretty close together) but I was probably between 100-150 (just hit Paragon 200 yesterday!). I still have one sitting in my stash (waiting for that Blade of Prophecy (or maybe Furnace) to finally drop), but I had to use one on a 3800 dps Grandfather (just a stat stick but a very nice stat stick). It definitely feels like a super rare drop though…have not seen a third Gift drop yet.

    25. Hmm,i have 3 of them now. I’ve used 3 and give 1 to my friend. That’s 7. Paragon level 490…

    26. My seasonal crusader is plvl 187 and has full Akkhan's and full Roland's but only 1 gift. For being something that's supposed to "fix" enchanting on weapons by making socket enchants less mandatory, gifts are way too rare.

      I'm sure their drop rates will be greatly buffed in the future in the typical Blizzard fashion, but right now they're simply too rare and I find myself NOT wanting to enchant some socketless weapons because I want to save the roll for one of the good stats (e.g. damage range).

    27. I've found 3 'gifts'. All seasonal SC on my Wizard, P14x. Used 2 still have one. Saving it for a Woh or the Furnance. My 2nd was used on a decently rolled Sunkeeper.

      RNG it is, and RNG sucks!

      Did I mention I also found a Kridershot for my DH, it's a lvl 61…

    28. Wow….my 5 in 200 paragon levels is waaaay above the norm. And here I am blowing them on every other thing just on a whim. Going to have to change that behavior…

    29. 2 I'm at P367 on seasons haven't played non-season since ramaladni's were available.

    30. I have had three, 1 on SC, 2 now on HC at paragon 190ish. Problem is got the drop last night and then server crashed shortly after returning to town and putting it in my stash. The rollbacks took it away and now I am sad.

    31. Currnetly P238 SC non seasonal. Found only one so far. Have not used it yet, saving it for something special 😉

    32. So I'm close to getting half gift 😀
      Maybe next year…

    33. Got 2 in under 100 paragon on seasons , had 10 more since and am at paragon 401 .
      So the maths are way off , just because of his personal experience and a few clan members .

    34. Zero Gifts for me, P8X I think.

    35. I'm at plvl mid-200s and have found 1. My brother is in the low-200s and has found 2. Mine went in a 1-H Butcher's. He's used one in a nearly-perfect Blackguard and is holding the other.

    36. I’ve had 7 on non-season (P438) and 2 on season (P215). So the math seems way off.

    37. seasonal crusader 420plvl 8 gifts so far.

    38. im soon paragon 400 and i only got 2 so far… crazy low…

    39. So these are rare? I got 7 so far and I’m on paragon 231. Maybe I’m just lucky.
      And it probably compansates with my kadala luck. 12k shards and still no marauder visage…

    40. found 5 until i was 340 approx, so a bit above average accoring to the table.

    41. 6 HC season from para ~30 till 237
      0 HC normal
      4 SC normal from para 410 till 485

    42. i'm currently p348 hc seasonal and i've found exactly 5 rgifts.

      used my first on my first Aether Walker and 4 in my stash, one of which is destined for a Rimeheart, perhaps.

      I do hope that gifts will be made useable for rings/amulets in some utopian future,

    43. Sorry but I have found 9 Ramaladni’s Gifts by Paragon 335. So something decoded here is a bit a miss 🙂

    44. I have used it on like 4 weapons, got 2 remaining and gave rest to my friends too XD

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