Giant Diablo Cosplay Gallery: RoS Launch Parties and More

Great cosplay of a variety of Diablo characters, heroes, and demons, from the Reaper of Souls launch party and other recent events. Thanks to Elvira and Susie for shots from the launch party (apologies for my buzzed face marring your enjoyment of the costumed ladies), but mostly credit to Fmulder for uploading these and hundreds of other images to our Diablo 3 Cosplay gallery.

The pics in this update are *very* small selection of the images added over the past couple of months, and there are now more than 900 total images of Diablo cosplayers in the gallery. And yes, a considerable percentage of them are pretty girls in modified bikinis. They know what you like.

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  1. Amusing this post has like 6000 views and zero comments. Truly cosplay is a guilty pleasure…

  2. People are shy I guess 😉 Do cosplay posts get lot of hits?

    • Not as many as gameplay feature post, but more than a lot of the short blue posts. The posts that get the most are ones that tend to catch on incoming links from bliz forums or reddit or just catch a wave on google, which is mostly about the SEO and title and such.

      If I’d called this one “sexy nude model cosplay nip-slip diablo 3” it would probably have 10x the hits it does now.

  3. Oh god, I want that Gargantuan!

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