She's dead sexy!

    She’s dead sexy!

    The new Treasure Goblin level is called DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain (technically it’s called the “Treasure Realm”), but as multiple people commented in our initial thread about it, “Gheed” is quite close to “Greed,” and many of us have been mishearing it or typoing it when talking about the new Greed’s Domain treasure level. This mimeticism brought about a renaissance in Diablo 2 NPC memories, and while Gheed wasn’t anywhere near the most memorable NPC in the game, he had some of the funniest lines.

    You can read all his dialogues on the Gheed Diablo 2 wiki page. I just did, and here are a few of the best. If you didn’t play D2 or don’t remember, these are all real dialogues that you can hear him speak in the game, not just wacky stuff I made up for the sake of this news post.

    “You’re a brave soul! I’d sooner thrust my sacred scepter into the foulest, carbuncular trull than set one boot into that cave.”

    “Some of those gals weren’t so nice the first time around.” (Speaking of the undead Rogues.)

    “Guess what! I’ve named a boil on my ass after you. It, too, bothers me every time I sit down.”

    Gheed has some representation in Diablo 3 with Kadala, who somewhat improbably claims to be his daughter, carrying on the family business. Happily, the brilliant name similarity carried over a generation too, since Gheed goes perfectly with Greed (which was his main character trait), while Kadala sounds just like… um… Impala? Which is a type of African antelope, as well as a crappy old type of Chevy sedan. So… not so much. Would it have killed the D3 devs to call her oh… Mavarice?

    Anywho, some dudes on B.net also noticed how similar Gheed and Greed are, and got a Blue reply on the issue.

    Anyone from Diablo 2 should remember the item “Gheed’s Fortune” charm and that brings me to my point of, why is this new place called Greed’s Domain and not “Gheed’s”, to tie in with that whole name/story.
    Lylirra: A few folks have already addressed this but Gheed and Greed are two separate entities. There’s currently reference to Gheed in-game – Kadala is in fact his daughter, and she’s just as eager to turn a profit. 😉

    Greed, on the other hand, is the new boss of the Treasure Goblin realm. Should you find and slay a Treasure Goblin on the PTR, you might have a chance to venture into the portal he leaves behind and challenge her for her bounteous loot. Be sure to give it a try, and let us know what you think of the new area and encounter!

    As I assumed everyone knew, and was pointed out in our initial post about the Treasure Realm, Diablo 3 has been talking about Greed as the Treasure Goblin leader, and the Goblins escaping to the land of Greed since May 2012.

    The vid on the right is the monster lore you hear when you first encounter a Treasure Goblin in Diablo 3. Anyone who is surprised to see Greed’s Domain must have never listened to it, since in the lore DiabloWikiAbd al-Hazir talks about the Goblins serving a great demon lord named Greed, and how they keep robbing the merchants and escaping through portals to Greed’s Domain. Based on that I always assumed that we’d eventually get to visit Greed’s Domain, and now we have. (Though I didn’t think it would be so enriching. The Monk on T5 picks up more than 102 million gold in the Treasure Vault in the video embedded in our OP.)

    Incidentally, back in the pre-game we had some interesting debates about how all of the Seven Deadly Sins would apparently be represented in monster form in Diablo 3. Parts of that theme are still in the game, though it didn’t all come together. The Thousand Pounder was named “Gluttony Incarnate” when first seen in the 2008 D3 intro video, and datamining revealed that he was going to be the monster in the Larder. Ghom took that spot in the final game and Thousand Pounder got demoted to just a regular monster type. DiabloWikiCydaea was initially known as the Mistress of Pain and was eventually named the Maiden of Lust. Part of the Devil’s Hand was to be obtained from a Lacuni named Envy, and another piece was to come from Sloth (AKA Thousand Pounder’s second name). Azmodan is the Lord of Sin and Blizzard said he was meant to represent all seven of the deadly sins in one being. You can find mentions of Pride and Wrath all over the place too.

    So there are pieces of it still here and there, but it looks like whatever specific plans the devs had to offer up bosses that represented each of the Seven Deadly Sins got scrambled during development, as things often do. Had the SDS stayed in, I’d have been curious to see what they did for Sloth. What’s the danger in a monster whose main trait is being lazy?

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