hellfire amulet recipe

    Hellfire Amulet Recipe

    The Hellfire Amulet  is a legendary amulet created by crafting special materials obtained via the Infernal Machine event. While the Hellfire Ring was present in Diablo 3 since DiabloWikiPatch v1.0.5, the Hellfire Amulet was added much later, in June 2014, three months after Reaper of Souls was released.

    This item can only be created in Reaper of Souls, and not in Diablo 3 classic.

    The DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet has a special legendary property of enabling one passive skill (from the class that crafts the amulet). It does not provide any +experience% boost, as does the Hellfire Ring.

    Like all legendary items in DiabloWikiLoot 2.0, the Hellfire Amulet is account bound and can not be traded, sold, or given away. It can only be earned via the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine quest, so players who want one must build their own. The entire Infernal Machine process was modified in Reaper of Souls and grew much less attractive to most players. The developers have said that improving it is on their to-do list, but it will not be fixed in DiabloWikiPatch 2.1, though they added the Hellfire Amulet in that patch to spice things up a bit.

    Obtaining the Amulet Ring

    Creating a Hellfire Amulet is identical in process to the DiabloWikiHellfire Ring (db), right up until selecting the different recipe from the Jeweler. See the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine article for a full step-by-step walkthrough, but the short version:

    • Players must harvest keys from the four Keywardens.
    • Use the Blacksmith to craft those keys into Infernal Machine plans.
    • Use the Infernal Machines to open portals to battle the 4 DiabloWikiKerywardens.
    • Each portal of Ubers has a chance to drop Demonic Organs which players must collect.
    • These are then taken to the Jeweler to craft a Hellfire Ring or Hellfire Amulet.
      • The Jeweler learns the recipe from the Hellfire Amulet design purchased from DiabloWikiSquirt the Peddler for 5 million gold.
    Hellfire Amulet at Jeweler

    Amulet recipes at the Jeweler

    Hellfire Amulet properties

    Unlike the Hellfire Ring, the Hellfire Amulet does not have any +experience bonuses (unless it rolls +exp per kill as a random secondary affix). The special feature of this amulet is the ability to add a random passive skill. This skill is selected from one of the passives on the class that rolls the amulet, and passive skills are of no benefit cross-class. A Demon Hunter can’t benefit from a Monk or Barbarian or Crusader’s passive, etc.

    Stats are subject to change while Patch 2.1 is still in testing on the PTR.

    Hellfire Amulet crating costs:

    There are 3 different Hellfire Amulet designs in Diablo 3. They are identical except for the attribute selected, so just one is listed below for space considerations. The odds of rolling a passive useful to your class, and other good stats on the amulet are obviously pretty low, but the hope for slot machine style item payoffs is what keeps most players entertained by Diablo 3.

    Hellfire Ring: Legendary amulet
    Item Level: 71
    Clvl Req: None

    Primary Bonuses:
    +(626-750) (select Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength)
    3 random primary affixes

    Secondary Affixes:
    +1 random secondary affix
    *Enables one random passive from the class of the character that crafts the Amulet.

    A gallery of Hellfire Amulets from the early testing on the PTR. These may differ from final live game versions.

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