Lots of players have reported getting stuck in Patch 2.3, and it’s not just a metaphor by those guys who are like P700+ already and totally can’t hear their mom shouting down the basement stairs that they’d better hurry before the pizza rolls get cold.

    Getting Stuck in Patch 2.3

    Is anyone having a problem getting stuck on and unable to move? I been getting it alot since 2.3 patch. I had this issue in PTR and apparently Brandy got it during a stream play in Thursday play. I assume it was only a ptr thing but it does shows up in live.
    Grimiku: Thank you all for reporting this. It happened to me the other day while I was opening up various artisans while in town. I thought it was something related to my mouse, though, and went about my business. I’ll pass it on and post an update when I can.

    I’ve hardly had time to play in Patch 2.3 on live, but I played a lot on the PTR and never got stuck there. (Except in the game creation queue…. hi-yoh!)

    You can see it happen to Nevalistis on the last live stream with Wyatt Cheng. Jump to about 27:30 of the video and you’ll see her character get frozen in place in the dungeon, and remain stuck even after she portals back to town. Only exiting and rejoining the game fixes the issue. (Click through for the video.)

    Anyone else experienced this problem? Found any workarounds to fix it?

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