Getting Stuck in Patch 2.3

Lots of players have reported getting stuck in Patch 2.3, and it’s not just a metaphor by those guys who are like P700+ already and totally can’t hear their mom shouting down the basement stairs that they’d better hurry before the pizza rolls get cold.

Getting Stuck in Patch 2.3

Is anyone having a problem getting stuck on and unable to move? I been getting it alot since 2.3 patch. I had this issue in PTR and apparently Brandy got it during a stream play in Thursday play. I assume it was only a ptr thing but it does shows up in live.
Grimiku: Thank you all for reporting this. It happened to me the other day while I was opening up various artisans while in town. I thought it was something related to my mouse, though, and went about my business. I’ll pass it on and post an update when I can.

I’ve hardly had time to play in Patch 2.3 on live, but I played a lot on the PTR and never got stuck there. (Except in the game creation queue…. hi-yoh!)

You can see it happen to Nevalistis on the last live stream with Wyatt Cheng. Jump to about 27:30 of the video and you’ll see her character get frozen in place in the dungeon, and remain stuck even after she portals back to town. Only exiting and rejoining the game fixes the issue. (Click through for the video.)

Anyone else experienced this problem? Found any workarounds to fix it?

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  1. I've gotten stuck before 2.3, though usually a return to town would fix it. It hasn't happened in a while, but I was watching the stream when it happened to Brandy and several people in the chat pointed out the same thing: this isn't new to 2.3. It just sounds like it's happening more. Which is good in a way, that means it's likelier to get fixed (?) .

  2. there are two “getting stuck” bugs.

    i) getting stuck while killing stuff. it seems to happen to specific tile sets only. i think one of them is fields of misery and the other is eternal battlefields.

    solution: click a spot from where u came from and alt + tab in and out. if u get back ur game screen, do not attempt to move back to the same area. u will get stuck again.

    ii) new location does not load. u get stuck in the loading screen despite hearing the sounds in the new area.

    solution: hit teleport back to town (T) and when u hear yourself teleport back to town, alt + tab to windows and back and you will be back to town. do not return to the same area as the same thing will happen again.

    this particular bug is nasty, as it prevents players from finishing their bounties because it tends to happen at specific tile sets, one of them being Desolate Sands.

    this bug has been highlighted in the blizzard d3 forums but i do not remember the blues acknowledging in the last time i looked.

  3. Had this happen to me in the same tileset as Nevalistis .. on my hardcore seasonal dh. RIP, Molten explosions tore me up pretty badly. Combine that with a “game was terminated” death yesterday.. this season has started really well. *rolls eyes*

  4. I've not got stuck myself but I did see a group of mobs get stuck on the same tile set. I am seeing stutters where the frame rate goes through the floor – at its worst I can hear that the game is still progressing (NPCs talking or rifts being opened/closed) but nothing else. It's only happened since the new file system went in and then gotten worse with 2.3. That's a quitting the application and re-launching thing.

    • Getting stuck has happened to me starting in the PTR and continuing in patch 2.3. It is frustrating and I’m somewhat relieved to know that it also happens to others, because at first I thought my Graphics card or CPU were malfunctioning . I have tried all the “fixes” mentioned here and they only work  sometimes otherwise I have to log out and back in. If you are in a solo game and going to town doesn’t work you of course you can’t port to another player. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

  5. Yes!  It's happened to me several times with my WD.  I usually get stuck with my pets bunched around me…so I thought that I was getting trapped by not being able to pass through/around my pets.  I now think my pets are getting stuck, too.  TP in and back sometimes fixes, but I've had to exit the game a few times.

    • Same with me exactly.

    • I had this happen numerous times with a WD with a number of summoned pets.  I would go to a merchant and when I went to move away I was cornered between pets and other environmental objects.  I confirmed that at least in that instance, it was the pets themselves that were the problem – dismissing them allowed me to move freely once I had dismissed enough that they no longer completely surrounded me.

  6. yup 2 HC deaths same game within a few minutes of each other. my friend thought his mouse broke. and i was wondering why the hell i couldn’t click anymore UNTIL the HC death release button was clicked. what a lame way to start and END season4.

  7. With 2.3 I ran into the problem I've seen a lot: screen stuck. This was reported a lot on the desolate sands. I could solve it by replacing some directx drivers needed for my ATI/AMD card for Diablo III. But I'm not sure it's patch 2.3 related or Windows 10 related… I hadn't played a lot since the upgrade of Windows.Apart from that, I only had an issue once with unreachable gold dropping from a chest. The only way to pick it up was replacing some gear with loot I had found to increase the gold pickup radius.

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