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Friday means one thing, the IncGamers Podcast, where the world of videogames is brought to you by the dedicated IncGamers team. This week is a hotbed of gaming goodness including the hottest videogame news of this week, including the Sony motion controller news, discussions on games such as Hellgate: London and Crysis 2. The team also discuss what they’ve been playing this week and the regular Bullshit Story of the Week. We also scour the internet for the most stupid forum posts in Rebel Without a Clue which is always a good laugh.

You can also support the IncGamers team by subscribing to the Podcast on Itunes so please do that if you can.  The usual spot for commenting or direct downloading is also available on the today’s podcast page.

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1 thought on “Get Your Friday IncGamers Podcast

  1. This article in a nutshell:

    Male barbarians are on steroids. They’re roid-raging demon wannabes who are too stupid to notice they’re playing for the wrong team (and I doubt anyone is willing to tell him that). Female barbarians are soccer moms who can use their intimidating shouts to scatter hordes of frolicking Fetishes. That, and on a bad day, they’ll wake up, hop on their menstrual cycle and run Diablo’s ass down. nagnagnagnagnagBIIIIIIITCHBITCHBIIIIIIIITCH (think motorcycle sounds there; curse the limits of text-based communication)

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