Get Ready to Die

Ooh shiny
Ooh shiny

During the gameplay panel at BlizzCon 2011 Jay tried to put the fans’ worries to rest that the game is indeed not a cakewalk in Nightmare and above, and especially in Inferno. Many players had raised concerns that what they saw in the beta was a game that was way too easy and too casual. The video is a compilation of footage from Nightmare and above and testimonies from 3D Artist Kevin K. Griffith, Environment Artist Nate Bowden, Senior Artist Nick Eberle, and 3D Artist Richie Marella showing that you will indeed get your behind kicked hard if you don’t watch out.

We saw this back then but now they have put this up on the community site in much higher quality. A shiny thing to shift our focus from the change of release plans? Note that all the footage is from somewhere in Act One that we do not see in the Beta, and that DiabloWikiLeah is present in the combat. Out looking for Uncle again?

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85 thoughts on “Get Ready to Die

  1. Nice.  Tell us all that D3 is now pushed to a Q2 release, and then post a video making me want to play it that much more.  And on top of that, I’m still not in the beta.  Just plain mean, blizzard

  2. The still, and the part with Leah, are from an area called…

    …hate spoilers and you’re still reading? Don’t read…

    …the festering woods. She’s with you for a quest there.

    • You can see the monk in that vid had some kind of leech or on-hit lifesteal. While the pools got boosted (which may be a temporary situation, not balanced yet), the leech probably got boosted as well. Also the person wasn’t playing very intelligently if you look at the skill loadout and the whole “let me run into the big pile of fire on the floor, that seems like a great place to stand”. What tickled me pink was the four boss modifiers on the elite monster pack.

  3. I still dislike the ”lol casual story mode for 30 hours first playthrough” before a real challenge comes up. I better die before the end of normal more than once.

  4. “You’re gonna really use our gems and enchants to really boost up your defense just to survive and not get one-shotted.”
    How Blizzard? Considering you’ve already cut them. Stop going back to the drawing board, just make up your mind.

        • That fell down to bad designing surrounding the potion system, they had to make fights like Duriel / Death Traps  ( Act 5 Nithalyk -or how ever you spell it)
          So its hard to use that as an example, but uhh, I’m sure parts of Act 1 Normal, and the other Acts will have parts of challenging, weither or not you die from it???? I don’t intend on dieing to anything in Normal, but that’s just the type of gamer I am and how long I have been playing games at high levels
          If you’re going to get angry if normal doesnt kill you, well i hope you’re kinda bad, or maybe just afk on 1 of the fights to make you feel better? 😀
          Bring on Nightmare, Hell, Inferno!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Duriel specifically caused many deaths from the hard drive / CD spinning up to load the new area graphics and sounds.

            Sure, he’s still difficult, but his battle is notorious for the lag. The Butcher in D1 was actually quite similar.

          • I afked / lagged out (because of a sound setting) on leoric and was fine. Normal start is easy as.

            Rest sounds like its gnna be fuking awesome

      • Thhaannkkk yyouu.

        It is normal.

        I remember a LONG time ago there was some guy that did a play through of all of act 1 with a naked sorc punching everything.

  5. When I read ~You Will Die. We Promise.
    I was like what is this. Been playing the beta for a full week now and it is very easy. Maxxed out 5 characters within a week and got a little bored. Been a diablo player since the beginning, I graduated in 1997. I built my pc to play diablo 3(no lie, I play other games also but D3 was the only game I was really excited about) When I said bored, I am grateful for blizzard giving me an opportunity to play the beta but it was boring me cause it was extremely easy. I beat the Skeleton King by myself while the others stood there to watch me to see if I could. After seeing this vid, Obviously this is just a tease and I can not wait to buy my copy.
    I love Diablo 3. Gonna play some more beta now since hehe. This video li 😯 t my fire for diablo 3 again.

  6. I was trusting them until they said “promise”

    So many broken promises, I feel like I’m a part of a Linkin Park song.

  7. Nice little video. Always enjoyed it just for the Nightmare/Inferno glimpses. But most people who are dubious of this games challenge won’t believe a thing until they actually DO die (several times) while playing the game.

  8. “gotta play as a team in the later difficulties”
    “a group of us spent a good hour wiping on a single boss”

    so everything they said is pretty much the opposite of saying you can solo the later difficulties

    I know that’s not true, I know the later difficulties are soloable
    it just seems like everyone’s got a different story

    chat is out, chat is in
    Inferno is soloable, gotta play as a team

    • The video is far from legit. I wonder what it would have looked like if they had actually played through the game, selected their skills intelligently, and weren’t noob (I need to stop using the re-re word). I would like to see a video of a real player, actually playing through. The exp bar isn’t even filled at all, the equipment looks like a setup, etc.

      • Yeah, it’s quite clear they just threw together some characters and gear and went to go play. I think anyone who had been playing a specific character with specific skills for all of Normal difficulty would have an easier time of it than someone (even a developer) who just had a generated character to go play with.

        And this is old anyway, before they ramped the health up to ridiculous levels in the recent patches. Pure number inflation doesn’t actually change anything.

        • It’s actually even more ridiculous than that. In the last death example, you actually see the monk dashing strike (or some other skill) back into the fray when already low on health, rather than use a snare, run, and try to find a health globe or pick off isolated enemies–anything to avoid death.
          That’s not to say that I think the game will always be easy unless you attempt suicidal tactics–but a better showcase of how you’re expected to die would’ve been showing deaths that might plausibly occur to people actually trying to avoid such setbacks. (I am still, however, worried that between followers/summoned pets, the ranged classes will have a much easier time avoiding death than comparably-geared monks/barbs, but them’s the breaks.)
          There are also unused heal spells not on cooldown (I think), and a willful ignoring of what appear to be the high-damaging skeleton archers for something spawning plague bats which don’t appear to do anything in the second death video.

          • Ya that was stupid.

            >> (As an example) Why not Leap Attack with 20 life left into a boss pack??

            Oh, that’s right, to make a video!

          • I believe the point of the video was to show what happens if you play NM with the same recklessness as you can play normal. Pretty sure the poor tactics were intended.

        • You’re right. They just had to show the life blub emptying horrendously fast because the red bulb on the screen is what will attract your attention first. So the dumber you play the faster than happens.

      • the real issue of the video is this..
        they let the ART team play the game.  of course they are going to die..

    • Well, I think you interpreted what he said entirely wrong, he is clearly playing in alot of co-operative, he probably only play’s that, so how he is saying that is  “Gotta play as a team” – As in gotta use all 4 players strategically, Got to reallly synchronize your abilities and play smart as a team. ( IF / WHEN YOU HAVE 4 PLAYERS — RAMPED UP DIFFICULTY — )
      That DOESNT mean he said Inferno = NOT SOLOABLE HERP DERP, I mean i’m used to you being a negative stubborn retard, but try to interpret what he is saying as if he is playing Co-Op  and the difficulty is ramped up even more for him, and they at that point were probably only playing Co-op so they speak as if everything surrounds team-work
      That DOESNT mean that when playing solo, and having the “Demons weaken” it’s not doable
      Stupidity and whining at it’s finest.

      • if it takes an hour for 4 people (who play strategically and intelligently as a team) to kill one boss then the game will not be soloable 

        ramped up difficulty has nothing to do with it 
        it much more “when you have 4 players who play stupidly, choose their skills unwisely, rush in, have crappy gear and are grossly under leveled, then it will take an hour and you will die repeatedly”

        why don’t you read the posts above yours and read how everyone agrees that the devs just played stupidly and that’s why they died so often  

        you’re used to me being a negative stubborn retard ?


        go ahead, I challenge you, show my some stubborn, negative posts

        I’ve supported the RMAH, I supported no stat points, I’ve supported no skill points  
        I’ve said those changes were innovative and will make the game more enjoyable  

        I’ve asked for clarification and explanation from others about how Inferno and some skills work 

        I’ve always shown myself to be open and even occasionally make good posts

        • “if it takes an hour for 4 people (who play strategically and intelligently as a team) to kill one boss then the game will not be soloable ”
          except they weren’t… hence why it took an hour. Its a lot easier for 1 good player to coordinate themselves effectively then to rely on 3 others to follow suit.
          Another relevant point…. if ANYONE complains about inferno being too hard they deserve a smack upside the head.

    • You must be new to the Diablo franchise. Enemies scale according to the number of players in the game.

      What they HAVE said is that a well-coordinated team is going to kill faster than a solo player due to team synergies, but that requires you to have the skill, the friends and the knowledge to set up a well-coordinated team.

      Solo being hard is in fact just the way I want it for when I don’t want to socialize but put myself to the test.

    • Just because its possible, doesnt mean its easy.
      You have a mercenary and will obviously have to be very careful.

      Rush in like they did on the videos and you’re obviously going to die.

  9. Their promise probably means a scripted “you are now dead” to better explain the whole concept of dying in videogames to grandmothers.

  10. Seems as though this game gets more and more like wow… i don’t remember anything in diablo requiring you to spend hours trying to kill something. i remember being able to pick it up play for 20-30 minutes and have a good time and finish what i wanted to get done. Challenging but not having to poor time into it. If they are looking to make it challenging do it towards end game…. when it actually matters thats fine… but in the middle of leveling o_O idk seems like its not really necessary

    • Huh? It’s like WoW to be difficult before endgame?
      Anyway I don’t see why it doesn’t make sense to have the difficulty harden as you level. Fair enough if you don’t like difficult games, but many people do.

      Edit: If anything it would be like WoW to have the difficulty ramp up in endgame, and anything before that would be a cake walk.

    • That would be opposite then? Because that would mean if it was getting more like WoW, it would becoming more easier, and no… You probably played Diablo 2 late when ever one was getting run through the content, i bet you just got  rushed to hell, and did botted baal runs? IF you actually played the game properly, it wasnt some 20 minutes finish game herp derp…..
      Please dont bring your casual QQ based on your experienced getting carried through Diablo 2 without having to lift a finger
      Bring on the challenges!
      P.S (I’m sure if you wait long enough after diablo 3 release, people will run you through the game and hold your hand, enjoy that experience)

  11. i kinda of meant more towards end game wow… well i havent played since classic but end game wow you spent hours dying to get gear. looks like now you spend alot of time dying just to make it through content you already have just to level ? and idk possibly get gear that you wont use until you level another character? i havent played beta just going off what was said in the video

    • Well you might wipe on encounters in WoW, but it’s not like it’s the only game you die in. At best it’s a reach to make that comparison IMO. Also I think they are exaggerating; an experienced D2 player will hardly be wiping on a boss for an hour.

      “If they are looking to make it challenging do it towards end game…. when it actually matters thats fine… but in the middle of leveling o_O idk seems like its not really necessary”

      I don’t think it’s about if it’s necessary or not, it’s about if it’s a good experience. Many Diablo players want things to be difficult, of course some don’t, but they can’t please everyone. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s no more like WoW in that regard than Deus Ex is on realistic.

    • Keeping promises pleases people.  Bamboozling an entire fan base with scripted trailers that have aspects that weren’t even in a game is dishonest, and that pleases no one.  Every trailer they make is full of more false promises tied in with their latest trickery.  People are only unappeased because they are constantly being lied to.  Show a demo with an actual gamer playing intelligently and dying to that and it will impress everyone.  All that video does is impress retards by lying with scripted testimonials.

      • “Bamboozling an entire fan base with scripted trailers that have aspects that weren’t even in a game is dishonest”
        Eh how do you know it’s scripted, and what aspects that aren’t in the game are you referring to?
        “People are only unappeased because they are constantly being lied to.”
        Examples please(gameplay not release date stuff:p).
        “Show a demo with an actual gamer playing intelligently and dying to that and it will impress everyone.”
        I agree, that I would like to see.

      • excellent post 

        and +1 for “bamboozling” 

        I’m guessing quite a few people here had to look it up 😀

  12. People will complain that the game is too hard. lol I love the irony. Then again – I did expect it, so maybe it’s not so ironic.

  13. “You’re really gotta play as a team in the latter difficulties”, you say???  Thought they had it tuned so you could play solo and survive.  Hold on – come to think of it, I think Bashiok said that you could play solo and survive.  In that case, nevermind.

    Doesn’t matter.  I can’t die if I can’t live (read: play the [email protected]#*(% game!!!!).  Such a lame attempt to get people talking about anything but when the game is coming and when it’s not coming.  Showing me more of the game just makes me want to play it more.  The more I want to play it, the more pissed I am that I can’t.  Nothing like a little more salt on the wound, Bliz.  Really, thanks for that.

    • Not familiar with how Diablo 2 handled having more then one player, are you…
      If done right playing with 4 player would be 4 times or even more harder then with 1….

      • 4 people playing intelligently and strategically and takes them an hour to kill ONE boss ? 

        more like 4 noobs who play stupidly, are grossly underleveled, have crappy gear, poor skill selection and no teamwork  

        EVERYONE wants the game to be difficult (even soul crushing difficult), but if it takes a GOOD group one hour to kill a boss (now add the time it takes to get to the boss — so 1 1/2 to 2 hours for a single boss) then the population of Inferno is going to be pretty low 

        (well, I wouldn’t do it, but I’m only doing Inferno so I can get gear to do PvP, which I find much more enjoyable — spending 2 hours on a single boss would be beyond boring) 

        • It didn’t take them an hour to kill a boss. It took them an hour to fail and rub their faces across their keyboard. :p

        • Yeah, they clearly say it took them one hour including dying a few times…
          And of course they didn’t play perfectly, because dying when you make no mistakes is not something anyone wants…

  14. Oh, yeah.  One more thing.  I haven’t played “this much” of normal.  That’s because I’m not in the beta.  Nothing like acting like everybody’s in the beta and then telling us that they can’t do an open beta. 😡

  15. Most of those attacks are doing thousands of damage, does that mean in the new inflated health model we will be doing tens of thousands of damage in inferno .

    thats going to get a bit ridiculous criticals for 50000 damage ….

    ahh big stupid numbers..

      • having numbers on is obviously not the point and not what he was talking about 

        its having 500 000 health and doing 50 000 damage  (big numbers just for the sake of being big, but really don’t mean anything, “ooh, my amplifier goes up to 11”)

        and at this point you should be banned

        one retard remark is ok by me, but now you’ve called someone else an idiot and someone else a moron

        if you want to disagree with people, fine, but please, do it politely

  16. Iv’e been referring to this video for quite awhile now, ever since i watched it……
    To people like the common moron that got to the news page with their in-depth review on Diablo 3 and how easy it is ( based on 30% of Act 1 )  A.K.A the morons
    When I saw this video, I knew we were in for a DAMNNN fun challenge
    I’m extremely happy Blizz posted this on their website, forces the video upon the stubborn who never took my link to this video, I’m also very excited for blizzard to post this, as it MUST reaffirm their stance on the difficulty and they fully intend to kick some serious whining QQ ass!!
    Can’t wait for the same retards who claimed the game was too easy to come back and cry for nerfs

    • Not so subtle huh? You wouldn’t happen to be the “why” guy would you? Does “why” = “wowreally”? I really would like to know. So in the future I can skip over inflammatory comments.

    • I’ll tell you what I tell my wife when she’s being snotty and unreasonable:

      If you insist, dear.

  17. Some of best features of this game are going to be the nightmare and above skills, it’s going to be intense.

    But to be honest I don’t give a sh*t any more.

    I would rather smear my genitals in fish paste and dangle them over a pool with hungry piranha’s then read any more crap from blizzard on their website unless there’s a release date involved.

    It’s just teasing.

    Posting an update about nightmare skills bragging about an already anticipated game after discreetly pushing back the release of the game over a conference call is just in my opinion very unprofessional when they know there are millions of people wanting the one thing, and they cant even deliver it (yet they said last year they could and it was ready)
    Blizzard should have never said “Q4 2011 or Q1 2012” they put themselves in this mess.

    And to be honest, I don’t care. 

    I’ll play the game, and continue to play the beta. 
    But I’m not giving them anymore of my feedback. 

    • I don’t think that saying Q4 or Q1 or failing to manage expectations was the problem. The only problem is a ridiculous development cycle and the lack of release. It never mattered what they said, people are just quoting them because they are angry and looking for ammunition.

  18. What this doesn’t address is what to me is the question…
    Let’s say this is accurate and nightmare is really hard, Hell is harder and Inferno is mindbendingly difficult. But Normal is still a walk in the park.
    WHY? The game is structured so that EVERYBODY is required to play through normal, softcore mode.
    Why not put enough challenge in normal so that it’s entertaining and not a complete yawnfest… or alternatively, do like every other game, and let you start at any difficulty?
    As I’ve said elsewhere, even grandmothers understand that a computer game should provide some challenge to be interesting. Grandmothers were not born yesterday 😉

      Yeah, lets start the game at level 30 and see how many people play through normal then… seem starting at another difficulty isn’t doable under the system Diablo uses without some serious problems being introduced.
      And normal will always be easy once you are able to beat the higher difficulty levels, no matter what they do… the only way for it not to be is to make it harder then the next difficulty, and then makes no sense…

      • In his defence, normal should just be harder than we are expecting. If its beta difficulty its going to be way to easy.

  19. That video contains as little substantial information as the average Bashiok tweet. We don’t really know what we are seeing in terms of levels on chars/monsters, what gear the chars have, if the area is average difficulty wise etc.
    It’s somewhat encouraging to see but nothing you can draw any conclusions from difficulty wise.

    So the difficulty will still be about certain monsters being able to one shoot you unless your defences/resistances are at max…. meh.

  21. Um, this video is from last year, so when they reference some removed features, those features weren´t removed back then. They aren´t trying to “bamboozle” you so much as this is (very) old news video, and I am not quite sure what it is doing on the fron page.

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