Germans Hunt Down Voice Talent

With the release of the German client, the German community on our sister site at Gamona have been busy figuring out who Blizzard hired to do the voice acting and it appears that they have picked some of Germany’s top talent to play the Diablo 3 roles. The list below shows who the German voice actor usually plays in voice acting work when a film is being dubbed into German.

While the list is not 100% complete just yet it’s a good community effort to figure all these out.

  • Barbarian: Thomas Fritsch (Russell Crowe, Diego in Ice Age)
  • Wizards: Marius Goetze-Claren (Tobey McGuire, Peter Parker in Spiderman
  • Monk: Jan Spitzer (Bobby from Supernatural)
  • Female Monk: Claudia Urbschat-Mingues (Angelina Jolie)
  • Demon Hunter: Thomas Nero Wolff (Hugh Jackman in Wolverine)
  • Demon Hunter: Petra Barthel (Uma Thurman from Kill Bill)
  • Witch Doctor: Udo Schenk (Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter)
  • Hexendoktorin: Arianne Borbach (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Oceans Twelve)
  • Captain Rumford: Tobias Kluckert (Bradley Cooper, The Hangover)
  • Tashun the miner Stefan Staudinger (John Hannah, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)
  • Brother Malachi, the healer: Frederick G. Beck House (Bob Kelso, Scrubs)
  • Smith Haedrig Eamon: Stefan Müller-Ruppert
  • Mayor holus: Bodo Wolf (Monk)
  • Abd al-Hazir: Bernd Vollbrecht (Antonio Banderas, Dr. Cox in Scrubs)
  • Bron of the host: Raymond crown (Worf, Star Trek)
  • Lachdanan: Christoph Jablonka
  • Leah: Kristina von Weltzien (van Pelt from The Mentalist

Thanks Nils.

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    45 thoughts on “Germans Hunt Down Voice Talent

        •  I remember being told by some relatives that live in Germany that when dubbing the more famous actors they always use the same voice actor, for consistency… of course that was a while back. 
           So for german players Russel Crowe, Angelina Jolie and Worf ARE voicing diablo characters…

          • Exactly. That’s why for Germans it feels like ‘Hollywood’s finest’ when playing the game, which is a great thing because the voices are from very talented voice actors and don’t sound lame like in other games for example.

    1. This isn’t surprising. When I lived in Italy, they talked a lot about how actors there made most of their livings doing the dubbing on English-speaking movies. Because they don’t make nearly as many movies over there, the actors don’t have as much work outside of that. It makes sense such people would be easy to pick up for video game voice work, especially for a prestigious game company like Blizz. It sort of reminds me of how when I was a kid and watched dubbed anime on Saturday mornings, it was the same voice actors over and over who did the dubbing. The “old grizzled guy” had a very distinctive voice.

      I know the guy that did Tyrael in D2 won’t be returning, which is truly bizarre. If it had to be somebody else I wonder i they couldn’t get Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime). Tyrael’s voice is kind of a big deal…

    2. you know the germans make good stuff 🙂
      that’s pretty crazy, i wonder if the blizzard irvine guys actually watched a bunch of german films to pick the voices

      • The post means that Thomas Fritsch did the voices *for* Russell Crowe and Diego from Ice Age in the German dubs.

    3. It’s not often that a sentence begins, “Germans Hunt Down” and ends in positive fashion.


      • Yeah, it actually made me think that the voice acting failed bad!
         Im speak spanish and i expect to get the game in its original language. I hope the game will have English mode in it, if they only bring Spanish version i might buy the online version.

      • hahahah ; ) ur right! its funny because they killed millions of people out of hate xD very good joke 😀

        • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and judge your comment proper satire, calling out a lame joke in a subtle fashion, I like it!

    4. Udo Schenk is GARY OLDMANs voice actor. One of the best that exists.

      I just tested them myself and they are pretty damn good. I think its kinda funny playing as “Hugh Jackmann/Wolverine or Gary Oldman/Zorg”.

      Edit: Jan Spitzer is CHRIS COOPER’s voice another example which is a bit better.

    5. Oh my…

      Blizzard falls into the trap of EA crap.

      Video games need to be designed, developped and programmed.

      Every penny that goes to professional actors is wasted on a video game. Period.

      “Mario, Zelda and WoW have ZERO added value with voice overs coming from overpaid actors”

      And in multi player games, the only voice that counts comes from the players …. 

      • you are absolutely wrong, those are voice actors!
        And they always make an incredible job, i think this makes the german version more interesting than the english. I think german voice acting will do a great job making the game more Diablo than it is in english.
        I also think that they did a great job at the german version of Diablo2 back in day!

    6. Are there any famous voices in english, too? Well obviously Michael Gough returning as Deckard Cain but are some other NPC voices from famous actors/comedians/talk show hosts?

      • wow Iam positively suprised ; i guess this will be the first time when i prefer will my native tongue over the english original.

        edit: though GEEZ the sound effects of skills are severly overtuned …. I hope i can adjust that in the audio options …

    7. Thank God that in Poland there isn’t such thing as dubbing foreign movies (only in animations). Only subtitles or movie reader. Half of actors play is voice!!! If I watch Gary Oldman I want to fu** hear him, not some puss…

      • In Germany, you still can go see the movies in some theaters with the original voices or watch the original voice once they are on dvd or bluray.

        But there is a very good business with voice actors who are trained to lip-synch perfection and since they mostly speak the role of the hollywood actor throughout their whole life there is much acting emotion involved since they identify themselves with the actor.

    8. Judging from the first bits I had a chance to compare, I’m actually quite positively surprised by the German voice acting. At least, it’s a huge step forward from D2 voice acting that somewhat missed the “acting”-part and sounded like they pulled like 7 people from their office to read out the script for dozens of different characters for the first time while recording.
      Pity about the inconsistency of Cain’s voice actor once again though (already changed from D2 to D2X), but not trying to inherit those accents from the English version for the Monks and Witch Doctors is definitely a plus. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they found a better solution for Abd-ad-Hazir, to my opinion his voice acting has too much of a comical undertone in the original version and feels really out of place.
      Translating those monster and item names will probably go horribly wrong again though. Instead of literally translating that stuff word by word, they should instead take the liberty to paraphrase a bit and pay some attention to the sound and onomatopoetic quality of their work.

    9. Wow, looks like I have to play in German…will be so kickass to play as Gladiator or Wolverine 🙂

      •  It’s weird though, they just put the news up on the site without making any big announcement or anything…  
         Wasn’t even on twitter when i last checked before leaving work.

    10. LOL They just announced the release date and still no new article here?
      15-th May 2012, boyos. 

    11. Hmmm strange that a German Dub is getting better actors than the enlish version…. I HATE most of the voice acting in the beta its just doesnt match the tone that the Diablo universe should convey…

    12. Hey Flux, I’m really disappointed that I had to use my Facebook account to find out about the release date announcement :), just kidding… but still a bit true 😉

      edit: I admit that I had to immediately check that it’s not the 1st of april yet 🙂

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