With the release of the German client, the German community on our sister site at Gamona have been busy figuring out who Blizzard hired to do the voice acting and it appears that they have picked some of Germany’s top talent to play the Diablo 3 roles. The list below shows who the German voice actor usually plays in voice acting work when a film is being dubbed into German.

    While the list is not 100% complete just yet it’s a good community effort to figure all these out.

    • Barbarian: Thomas Fritsch (Russell Crowe, Diego in Ice Age)
    • Wizards: Marius Goetze-Claren (Tobey McGuire, Peter Parker in Spiderman
    • Monk: Jan Spitzer (Bobby from Supernatural)
    • Female Monk: Claudia Urbschat-Mingues (Angelina Jolie)
    • Demon Hunter: Thomas Nero Wolff (Hugh Jackman in Wolverine)
    • Demon Hunter: Petra Barthel (Uma Thurman from Kill Bill)
    • Witch Doctor: Udo Schenk (Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter)
    • Hexendoktorin: Arianne Borbach (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Oceans Twelve)
    • Captain Rumford: Tobias Kluckert (Bradley Cooper, The Hangover)
    • Tashun the miner Stefan Staudinger (John Hannah, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)
    • Brother Malachi, the healer: Frederick G. Beck House (Bob Kelso, Scrubs)
    • Smith Haedrig Eamon: Stefan Müller-Ruppert
    • Mayor holus: Bodo Wolf (Monk)
    • Abd al-Hazir: Bernd Vollbrecht (Antonio Banderas, Dr. Cox in Scrubs)
    • Bron of the host: Raymond crown (Worf, Star Trek)
    • Lachdanan: Christoph Jablonka
    • Leah: Kristina von Weltzien (van Pelt from The Mentalist

    Thanks Nils.

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