We’ve seen numerous retailers post (always incorrect) release dates for Diablo III. In fact we’ve got another one of those today, with a reader pointing us to a screenshot of his WalMart pre-order email notification, which states that Diablo III will be in stock on March 31, 2012. As Wal-Mart has been issuing new release dates every 3 months since about 2009, I think we can safely ignore their prediction.

    Of much more interest is this post from Diablo Gamona, which states that Blizzard has reserved large amounts of space in shipping warehouses in Germany for the the 7-8th weeks of this year. The Google translation is lame, so I’ll quote Nobbie, who translated from a link provided by LeSauce in comments.

    Update: More precise translation added, courtesy of dc in comments.

    As we heard this afternoon from a reliable person, dozens of several meter high packed palettes are *expected* to be brought to a big international transshipment point in the 7th or 8th calender week (yes, this year). The destination: the big German department store chains Media Markt, Saturn and what they are all called.

    It is understandable that because of several reasons the source couldn’t tell us (meaning: wasn’t allowed to tell us) the date of distribution, but calculating 10-14 days means Diablo 3 could hit the shelves end of February or beginning of March. The so called “Gold”-versions as well es the guide books should therefore be printed right now.

    How far can we trust info from an anonymous German shipping clerk? Especially when it seems to contradict Bashiok’s “the release date will be announced two months in advance” forum post from Friday? I guess that’s up to you to decide.

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