Gender Bender Animations

Yesterday @Diablo told us that the male Demon Hunter’s reveal had been postponed since he’d been sent back for animation upgrades. Today a fan asked for clarification, and got it. Here’s the full exchange.

Can we expect to see the male DiabloWikiDemon Hunter before February?—Lytus

Unlikely. He went back to animation, some of his moves weren’t gelling quite right.—Diablo

All of the same skill Graphics don’t work for the opposite genders? Or was it the way he looked when casted?—PBrokaw90

All animations are unique for each gender. Men don’t move quite the same as women, even when shooting demons. —Diablo

Nice insight into the creative process and the effort they’re putting into Diablo III. The M/F versions of each char aren’t just the same body with a different head and some reskinning. Let’s all try to remember to appreciate these little details when we (finally) have the game in hand…

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