Gelatinous Sire: Bugged or just Tricky?

news-gelatinous-sire1Since v2.2 went live this week, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about one of the new DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin types, the DiabloWikiGelatinous Sire. Lots of players say they’re bugged, that they don’t drop anything when you kill them or that they don’t split into smaller versions of themselves. It’s entirely possible that there are some bugs, and lots of players say if you kill them too quickly they won’t split.

That said… I saw a bunch of these on the PTR and they all worked as designed, no matter how fast I killed them. The first stage is the Gelatinous Sire, which is a normal-sized goblin that’s transparent blue in color. When you kill that one, no items drop and it will split into two (or three?) smaller Gelatinous Spawn which move away quickly. Those drop nothing but gold coins as they run, and when killed they split again, into two or three very tiny Gelatinous Spawns. Those third stage Spawn are what drop items when killed, and they drop about the same amount of stuff as a normal goblin, but with a higher chance of legendaries.

It’s possible there are bugs, but it’s also possible that some of the the tiny, light-blue, slightly-transparent Goblins are just getting away in the chaos of battle. See the attached pics and note how tiny they are by the third stage of the Gelatinous Spawn, easily smaller than any other targetable monsters in the game, and those are what you have to kill to get items to drop.

Gelatinous Sire: Bugged or just Tricky?

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  1. Definately bugged. Happened twice so far for me, both times thru zapping them with a conduit pylon… I find it unlikely they’re escaping from ~900m crit electro doom. Of course everything dies so fast in this circumstance it’s hard to tell if they’re not splitting properly or just not dropping loot.

    If you’re ranged and see one + you have conduit… Stand back and shoot instead I guess.

    I did kill one without conduit and it worked fine despite dying almost as fast from a full 4 person party smashing it at once.

  2. If the tiny ones escape, does it still give you the escape notification? I've seen a few of the jelly gobs, but I'm playing a Tal's wizard at the moment, so… The sequence is usually Goblin -> several dozen meteors -> inventory full of loot. I've never seen an escape notification or had them fail to yield loot for me, that I know of.

  3. Two encounters so far, both worked as advertised. Two legs from the first time.

  4. Definetely bugged, if you kill the main gob too fast, he does not split. Encountered one with Conduit pylon and he simply did not split. Then I encountered one withtout the pylon and killed him slightly slower, and worked as intended.

  5. not sure if bugged or not but they don’t drop anything of use. three times i’ve killed these they just puke out a bunch of yellows.

  6. Had 3 of those in T6 rifts.
    Killed them all, including the small ones and experienced no bugs.
    Enough to say that these are not my favourite goblins, because so far I've gotten at least 3-4 legendaries from each of them 🙂

  7. Killed my first today with a WW barb, got a few notifications that I killed 5-6 of them, zero loot. Never saw him split, but screen was a bit busy at the time.

  8. Killed about 4 with 0 problems and gotten legendaries from most of them.

  9. I think the drops of all goblins can be bugged. I didn't have any issues with the Sires so far, but I had quite a few normal goblins who barely dropped anything beside some gold and mats. Similarly I had Odious Collectors who didn't drop plans, even though I don't have all of them.

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