MP: Not always friendly.

    MP: Not always friendly.

    A fan lamented his slow progress playing solo and asked if partying was the way to go. A blue gave encouragement, but it’s a useful question for another survey/vote:

    I have been playing Diablo since the original. Always I had played solo. Had a few bad experiences with one of the earliest online versions.

    Back to playing Diablo 3 during season 1, and was very excited at the prospect of seasons. My question is: how necessary is it to play in groups online to get the good gear (sets, seasonal drops, etc.). I don’t know if I will ever be able to put the time in to get ranked, but who knows? other things have happened. If it is rather necessary to go about grouping, is it relatively easy to get into a group? Or do you have to know a group of people that play regularly and have to grind away, like in a guild?

    …Seems that solo grinding will only get you so much in terms of set pieces, or is it a matter of time, playing solo or with a group?
    Grimiku: It’s not necessary to be in a group in order to find amazing items, but groups do yield the best chances of finding them. Personally, I spend at least half of my game time playing solo, and I’d say I have pretty decent gear. It just takes longer to find some items when you’re solo than if you were in a group.

    If you’re up for it, then finding a group is really easy, too. The quickest way is to hop into a Public Game by hitting the Game Settings button when you’re on the character select screen and toggling the Public Game option on. Then hit Join Game, and let the system do its thing.

    Whether grouping is better or worse than soloing (in terms of loot acquisition) really depends on the group. Or on the solo. I’ve seen a lot of complaints this early season (mostly from Softcore players) about all the undergeared leeches in T6 games, standing around in Cain’s Set and Ruby’ed helms and crappy Rares, waiting/hoping for someone to join and carry them through. For those guys, playing in a group is a vastly better way for loot and exp, but that’s not going to be true for the well-geared character who joins in and does all the work.

    Big differences in character power aside, do you guys find grouping beneficial? Essential? Distaseteful? Many players find it more fun, and since the monster hit points only increase 75% per additional character, the more characters the less damage each of them has to do… at least in theory, if there’s teamwork.

    That said, playing solo you are the master of your own domain; you go where you want and when you want, never have to wait for anyone else to take a break or postpone your own, etc. And when you are well-geared, flying through T6 Rifts solo is about the fastest way to find legendary items, ala the 10 T6 challenge.

    So how do you guys prefer to do it? Gearing Up: Party vs. Solo.

    How do you prefer to play while gearing up?

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