EXP display in T6.

    EXP display in T6.

    A subtext to all of the recent posts about party sharing exp leeches is the changes to how +EXP gear in the current Patch 2.2. Which sorts of +EXP buffs are additive and which are multicative, and when/how these apply, is different than in the past, and it makes a big difference. A guy breaks it down clearly in a B.net forum thread, so I’ll just quote that.

    Gear Strategy: +EXP% Equipment in T6 vs. Grifts

    Greater Rifts:

  • XP % from items are summed up (Cains+Borns+Ruby+Leoric+Hellfire.), and then multiplied with GR XP modifier.
  • +Experience from secondaries & Gem of Ease are NOT multiplied by GR XP modifier.
  • T6 Rifts:

  • XP % from items are summed up (Cains+Borns+Ruby+Leoric+Hellfire.) ADDITIVELY with T6 XP% modifier.
  • +Experience from secondaries & Gem of Ease ARE multiplied, by T6 XP% modifier.
  • Example GR#1:

  • +91% XP (20% Born + 30% Leorics Ring + 41% Ruby)
  • If you killed a zombie worth 1,000,000 XP, you would instead get 1,910,000 XP.
  • Example GR#2:

  • +2000 XP from Gem of Ease
  • If you killed a zombie worth 1,000,000 XP, you would instead get 1,002,000 XP.
  • Example T6#1:

  • +91% XP (20% Born + 30% Leorics Ring + 41% Ruby)
  • Since T6 base = 1600% +91% = 1691% = ~5.7% ,more XP
  • If you killed a skeleton worth 100,000 XP, you would instead get 105,688 XP.
  • Example T6#2:

  • +2000 XP from Gem of Ease
  • T6 Base of +1600% XP = +34000 XP = ~34% more XP
  • If you killed a skeleton worth 100,000 XP, you would instead get 134,000 XP.
  • Conclusion:

  • 1) STOP using Gem of Ease in GRs. Completely not worth it. It adds < 0.1% to your XP gain in GR35+. The extra XP you receive from Gem of Ease and XP per Kill is exactly the same from GR1 to GR100.
  • 2) XP% gear in T6 really isn’t worth it either. +% XP is additive into the base T6 +1600% and results in ~5% more XP for a lot of damage sacrificed.
  • 3) Gem of Ease IS actually somewhat decent in T6. ~18% more XP against standard mobs like zombies, ~3% on ‘large’ mobs.
  • Read that a couple of times if it doesn’t sink in right away. The main point is that in Patch 2.2, wearing +EXP% gear (HFR/Leoric’s Ring, Born’s/Cain’s sets, Ruby helm) in T6 does you very little good, while that gear makes a HUGE difference to your EXP in Grifts. Hence people wearing all the +EXP% stuff in parties and leeching.

    You can utilize it in solo play as well, of course. To get some numbers, I tested this today doing three solo GR36 rifts with my DH.

    • EXP +0%: 1.392b -> 1.875b = 483b.
      • Gear: No +Exp gear, Diamond in helm + Unity + CoE, Nat’s chest.
    • EXP +41%: 141b -> 846b = 705b.
      • Gear: Ruby Helm + Born’s chest + shoulders, Unity + Nat’s Ring.
    • EXP +61%: 1028b -> 1846b = 818b.
      • Gear: Ruby Helm + Born’s Chest & Shoulders + Unity + RoRG.

    All three grifts were fairly average in layout and monster type/density and my clear times were approximately 4:30, 5:20, 6:20. (If anything, the first was the worst Rift.) More runs to get averages would be scientific, but the time declines felt about right, given how much DPS I was taking off at each step.

    Clearly from this, if you want to really gain EXP, you should run a Ruby helm in Grifts, with additional bonuses from Leoric’s Ring or Born’s/Cain’s if possible. Hardcore has to think this sort of switching over more carefully, and the overall time factors in as well; no point in gaining 40% more exp if you take 50% longer to do it. (Unless you really hate Realm of Trials and want to milk all possible exp out of every Grift you clear?)

    Note that Cain’s Set 3p bonus grants +50% EXP bonus, much bigger than the 20% 3p bonus from Born’s… but since Cain’s slots are helm/gloves/pants/boots, it’s impossible for almost all sets to wear two pieces of it while maintaining your 6p bonus, even with a RoRG. Whereas Born’s is sword/shoulders/chest, so most classes can use the sword + chest/shoulders. I was able to use it with my DH since Natalya’s set doesn’t have shoulders.

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