Comment regularly The Eliminator tried for another clarification on what the Diablo 3 gear sets will look like, re: yesterday’s Witch Doctor armor preview.

    Is this going to be the same armor set just on each gender?—TheEliminator

    Each armor look is unique to each class, so even if it was the exact same items, they’d look different.—Diablo

    Far as I can tell, the answer, informative as it was, doesn’t really pertain to his question, which was about gender; wondering if we’ll get any differences in the gear between males and females of the same class. To that I’d say the same gear set will be virtually identical between genders of the same class, with some slight variation because… boobs. Look at the chars on the official Diablo 3 site, if your computer can load all the flash scripts that journey requires. You can click between the M and F versions of each class, and get an idea how the M/F versions of the armor differ.

    They’re not wearing the same level of gear on that page, so it’s not an exact comparison, but it’s something. You can also view screens of those outfits (and dozens of others) in the Diablo III Character Art gallery.


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