GDC 2009: Blizzard’s Pardo: Sony, Microsoft Need New Forms Of Gameplay

Recently we reported that Rob Pardo confirmed that Blizzard and Microsoft are talking about the Xbox 360 successor.  They want Microsoft to learn from Nintendo. During the Luminaries Lunch at the GDC 2009,  Junction Point’s Warren Spector slashed at Rob Pardo with mockery … “I?d love to see what you guys do with the Wii.”.  To which Rob Pardo smiled, raised his eyebrows, but stayed silent.

Ohh, the evil, devious smile!—Rob Pardo crits Spector for 360,000 Nature damage.

Read the article at Gamasutra.

Note: Memory-lane enlightened me back to a quote from Jay Wilson to CryspyGamer on September 8, 2008—Jay Wilson said: “I would say that out of all of the games that we’ve made, Diablo is probably the easiest to put on the console; I think it could be translated. There are a couple challenges in the controls that would have to be overcome. I do think it’s possible to overcome them, but right now, it’s more a problem of inertia—we’re focused on our PC and Mac development, and don’t have the capacity to focus on console.”—CrispyGamer.

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1 thought on “GDC 2009: Blizzard’s Pardo: Sony, Microsoft Need New Forms Of Gameplay

  1. Indeed this is true. And I have nothing against the evolution of the console, as long as they don’t open it up so it is as versatile as the PC. Consoles sole purpose should be gaming.. if they start rigging them up to run other programs and such, then all you have is a mock PC.

    I agree though, consoles are becoming more PC/Console hybrid.

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