Gamespy have also had the chance to talk to DiabloWikiJay Wilson, and this interview actually has a lot of interesting nuggets in it! Among other things news about Battle.net 2.0 (and yes, we will delve deeper into that soon). This is the highlights of the interview:

    [LIST][*]Easier playing, contact and friend management on Battle.net, possibly social networking like Battlefield Heroes.
    [*]Randomness is hard and expensive, that’s why none but Blizzard truly succeeds on it. Modellers who loves to make trees are worth their weight in gold.
    [*]Probably won’t use microtransactions as (main) payment. Probably use “box type” system. Subscription not impossible still. Use what works best for the players. Want to earn money but doesn’t want to gouge customers.
    [*]There will be a dedicated PvP mode in Diablo III, but right now only decided that “hostile mode” and unwilling PK-ing will definitely not occur.
    [*]It won’t be a dumbed or toned down PvP system, will be for competitive players. A game like StarCraft is a good example. Not announcing anything now though.[/LIST]

    GameSpy: World of Warcraft essentially evolved out of Diablo II in many ways, but by its very nature never required a Battle.net-style system to keep its communities connected. Can you speak about how you plan to implement Diablo III into the upcoming version of Battle.net?

    DiabloWikiJay Wilson: In terms of Battle.net features, to answer your question… we’re kind of waiting for a big unveiling to announce a lot of the new features. I don’t want to steal their thunder by talking about those features, but what I can talk about is the intent behind them—to create the best online experience that you will find in gaming, and really support the Blizzard community. We think we have the greatest community in the world. They’re wonderful people, they’re great gamers, and they really love the community. What we want is for it to be easier for them to be together. Easier for them to talk to one another, easier for them to play games together, easier for them to find each other, no matter what they’re doing. That’s really the core goal behind the new Battle.net.

    GameSpy: Lots of games are doing the social networking thing—a good example is Battlefield Heroes. Can we expect social networking functionality on that level in the new Battle.net?

    Jay Wilson: Maybe!

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