Gamestop says Early November Release for D3

Yes, that’s this November. Several readers report that their local Gamestop store told them Diablo III will be released in early November, based on information they’ve heard from Blizzard. That seems absurdly-soon; with the full E&S phase of the beta not even underway yet, and at least a month required between the end of the beta to the release, but if a retailer promised a game would be out soon then it must be true. They wouldn’t just make up dates out of thin air to try to spur pre-sales, would they?

(Short answer: YES!)

You can see common sense about this sort of thing on the wiki DiabloWikirelease date article, and pictures of false inaccurate claims in our Release Date gallery, including… well lookie there! Two Gamestop predictions from last year, pointing to March 2011 and then July 2011 for a Diablo 3 release date. Not such good guesses so far, but maybe the third time’s the charm?

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35 thoughts on “Gamestop says Early November Release for D3

  1. ” and at least a month required between the end of the beta to the release”
    what? no. both SC2 and Cataclysm was less than 2 weeks

    • Beat me to the punch… but yeah, don’t know where you got a month from flux… 2 weeks is more realistic…

  2. While I don’t trust those dates at all, I think any time after Blizzcon is a reasonable guess.  This beta is already squashing the types of bugs they wanted to fix, just with the F&F part, so the closed beta will be more a publicity phase.  I have thought for months now that they would announce the release date at Blizzcon.  This game is ready for release, it’s way more polished than some of the stuff that comes out of other dev. shops.  With another month or so of beta cleaning up all the connection and network issues, this thing comes out November / December at the latest.

    • The closed beta will help them find even more bugs, especially with rare hardware setups.
      I say no release before december.

  3. I frequent GameStop about once every two weeks and their estimations are about as handy as a weather man saying we have 50% chance of rain. The last GameStop rep I spoke with insisted that it would be out by November a week ago and was insisting I pre-order it. I hope it is true, but I doubt it.

  4. Funny because I’m still not convinced about a 2011 release. : /

    Gamestop has had employees advertise at least five “dates” that I’ve seen floating around for the past three years.

  5. My local EBgames has Nov 1st 2011 as the release date, since F&F beta. When I asked them though, they said it’s just speculation. They said they want to put a date somehow, and just picked the 1st of Nov.

  6. It would be great if it comes out during November.  My wife’s bday is in the middle of December and I really don’t want to have to take a break during the first few opening days of release if it’s just before her bday hahaha

  7. >get promised Diablo 3 for early November
    >that means sometime between Nov 1-5
    >go to Gamestop on Nov 5th
    >want to pick up Diablo 3
    >”What are you talking about? Diablo 3 is still in beta!”
    >walk out in tears


  8. I was in a Gamestop last weekend.  There was no Diablo 3 presence in the store whatsoever.  We all know what this means, anything stated by the sales people is pure drivel/BS.

  9. We all know they’re just pulling numbers out of their ass like the rest of us; however, I still want them to be right. This may be the first time I have ever supported GameStop.

  10. Before the beta I was skeptical of a 2011 release, but having seen the game running I’m now much more confident; it just looks so polished. Plus, all the content they’re putting on the page has to be a positive sign. They wouldn’t be putting skills, runes, professions, etc. up there if they were still in a state of flux. I think late November, early December is looking much more likely. BlizzCon can’t come soon enough.

  11. I wish more people had the brain capacity to think 1 more step.
    You could open up a new game store, claim that Diablo 3 will be released tomorrow and live of the interest you’ll get from people pre-ordering. Then close the store after diablo 3s release.
    No expenses, only interest from that money sitting at their bank in meantime.

    • Given how low interest rates are right now and how much it would take to establish things like supply chains/shipping relationships, this seems like a terrible idea.
      Not to mention that the sooner you claim the release date is, the fewer people have an incentive to pre-order. You also have to consider market saturation effects–at this point, does opening another pre-order portal really capture much more of the pre-order market. Presumably everyone that wanted to pre-order using some kind of shady, non-developer-direct website already did so.

  12. As an employee of gamestop, i can safely say that, this is NOT a release date, its simply a date created by corporate that is a guesstimate of when it will come out.  The only reason they put these dates into the system is so the can accept pre orders for it, this date of 11/03 has been in the system for many months, i’m surprised that its just now surfacing.  I don’t know what kind of BS other employees are spouting about blizzard telling them this or it is just a mis communication between store and customer, but this date is irrelevant and isn’t really news worthy.  Kind of a tease if you ask me.

    Zelda the skyward sword had the same release date in the gamestop systems of 11/03/11 until the official release date was announced a few weeks ago… again its not exactly a date that is supposed to draw in more pre orders, its purpose is to enable the ability to pre order it in the system.

    • Same here, man. I’m an LGA at GameStop, and even though we just had a Blizzard rep in last night to check out the WoW and SC2 stuff, he gave us NO WORD about the release of D3, even when our Store Manager begged him for the slightest hint.
      The date for release is what we–in our store, anyway–call a place-holder. The game’s not been officially street-dated yet, so just take this information with a grain of salt, guys.

  13. I used to work at gamestop as a game adviser and the early dates listed are usually placeholders for when the game might come out and usually the company gets info on when it could be released. So sometimes they get the wrong projections because someone said that they were behind or they were ahead of schedule. does however have the pre-order have it avail and wont be billed till launch.

  14. This is another reason I stopped buying games form gamestop some people there act like they make commission and push to sell you games that are terrible or give you promises about games coming out like they are the ones releasing them

  15. November is already jam packed full of games releases too, some AAA games too, Skyrim, MF3, MW3, Uncharted 3, possibly The old republic too.

  16. Would be awesome but… if it won’t be almost ready in November then I doubt it will be ready in December – at least not without needing a ton of bug fixes and random patches (I heard D2 had to be patched day1 lol…). I’m rather skeptical it will come out this year at all. Then again, I wouldn’t really count the 2nd or 3rd week of December as “this year” cause to me that’s really stretching the word o_O.

  17. @Apace after closed beta done there will be a pay-for beta in which owners of said game will post bugs, just like in beta, except it will be months from now after we’ve all purchased. I’m curious to see what the first month will be like…

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