Yes, that’s this November. Several readers report that their local Gamestop store told them Diablo III will be released in early November, based on information they’ve heard from Blizzard. That seems absurdly-soon; with the full E&S phase of the beta not even underway yet, and at least a month required between the end of the beta to the release, but if a retailer promised a game would be out soon then it must be true. They wouldn’t just make up dates out of thin air to try to spur pre-sales, would they?

    (Short answer: YES!)

    You can see common sense about this sort of thing on the wiki DiabloWikirelease date article, and pictures of false inaccurate claims in our Release Date gallery, including… well lookie there! Two Gamestop predictions from last year, pointing to March 2011 and then July 2011 for a Diablo 3 release date. Not such good guesses so far, but maybe the third time’s the charm?

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