Someone snapped a couple of photos of a monitor, allegedly from a Gamestop store, showing upcoming video game release dates and prices. Sure enough, Diablo III’s on it, with a price of $59.99 and a release date of March 1, 2011. Thanks to Gamer’s Syndrome for the news, which they illustrated by inexplicably showing the pics in two images, posted sideways. (I knitted them into one, below.)

    As all long-time readers know by now, this means nothing meaningful. Blizzard doesn’t give game retailers advance notice of release dates; they find out when press releases fly same as the rest of us. What it does mean is that every game retailer tries to create pre-sales by listing all games with a release date, even those that don’t have them yet. We’ve seen countless examples of this with other Blizzard titles, and we’ll surely see more before Diablo 3 gets a real release date.

    You can see more info about this on the wiki Release Date article, and we’ve got a bunch of photos of the D3’s (fake) release dates on that page, and in the D3 Misc images gallery.

    In conclusion, this “release date” is just a guess and it means nothing…… OR DOES IT??/?11!!SHIFT!!???//?!

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