Gamestar Reaper of Souls Interview

The guys at Gamestar managed to pin down DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira to find out more about DiabloWikiReaper of Souls. Josh discusses why they went for a Paladin-like class with the DiabloWikiCrusader which he described as an “offshoot” of the Paladin class.

The end-game and Loot 2.0 is also quickly discussed as Josh explains how the system is being tweaked, and he says that an offline mode for the PC version was not considered for the expansion because they still feel that playing with your friends on BattleNet is best for PC gamers due to the game’s social elements.

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    38 thoughts on “Gamestar Reaper of Souls Interview

    1. What a shame! The interviewer missed the opportunity to ask further details about things aren’t clear, such as: what’s exactly Nephalem Trials? Is the Crusader the only new character of this expansion? Does the Mystic’s enchant feature turn the item account bound? What are the plans for the future of AH?

      Release date? Oh, come on! You can do better…

    2. What social elements? Seriously, everyone solo farms if they still play at all. Tiny, nonresizable chat window makes it hard to speak with one person much less hold an actual conversation with a group. The main thing that kills you (other than elite affixes taking control of your character) is lag taking control of your character, offline makes that go away.

      Not to mention the whole social play with friends deal is what they’re using to sell the console… which DOES have offline.

      Seriously, what the hell are they doing?

      • I find I no longer care when they answer that question and act as though piracy is a word that only applies to Johnny Depp movie characters.

        Everyone knows that piracy is rampant on PC games and much less on consoles, thus PC games either need to have some MP elements that only work online (SC2 style) or be entirely online MMO style. Or else 90% of their player base will be thieves.

        Blizzard knows it, their accountants know it, we know it. Yet hardly anyone seems to mention it anymore, like it’s an unspoken truth below all the happy talk about “improved multiplayer experience,” and it’s almost pointless or tasteless to bring it up, like dredging up ugly past fights at a family reunion.

        • I would respect a company much more if they say what the real issue is. Now they continue to see us as fools. Not to mention bringing up the social elements excuse, which by purpose are very bad for this game, since they don’t want Diablo to possibly cannibalize more than necessary on WoW.

          Also, what happened with my favorite answer of all, ‘we think offline and online characters will be confusing for our players, so that’s why we don’t include offline’. I remember Jay Wilson saying that as well.

        • The legitness argument might have a little merit if they didn’t leave day 1 gamebreakers alone until people cry en masse.

    3. I’m looking for people who are willing to help me kidnap Josh and squeeze all the answers for all the questions out of him 😀

      I wish the interviewer asked better questions… Seriously.

      • No offence for Flux though, I’m just sayint that he’s a very talkative person and he would probably be so excited that it’d be hard for him to remain silent and let Josh speak 🙂

        • I like the conversation style more, but I tailor my interview questions to the format and events. Interviews I did with Jay Wilson and others during pre-d3 were all short questions since there was new info to unearth. Recent interview I did with Josh and Wyatt I talked more to set up the questions, so that 1) they couldn’t answer just by restating what we already knew about every issue, and 2) since they weren’t going to give new info and I thought we’d get better insight into things with a more give and talk conversational style. And I think I was proven correct.

          When I next interview a dev about D3X stuff, I’ll be asking mostly short questions to let them talk…. while still putting in some personality and opinion, since that sets the tone for the interview, warms them up to interact and share, and it also lets the interviewee know that you know your stuff, so they don’t waste time on restating the basics, as they would to some general media outlet.

      • We had an invite to gamescom and knew the expansion was being announced (as we reported in the news) but for one reason and another we decided not to attend. Flux is as Blizzcon though where he’ll be packing his most favourite set of thumb screws……

    4. Almost every interview except the one Incgamers had with the developers ask the same boring and obvious questions that everybody knows the answer to.

      Why do people even waste time asking when is the game gonna be released ? They never answer that and If they were gonna tell us release date or when to expect it , they would have said that already in the presentation.

      • I think the most frustrating thing to go along with that is that the gameplay looks pretty far along. Yet, we saw that too with the 2008 D3 reveal and have to wait years for the game to be released.

        So with that scale in mind, the expansion looks like it could be finished in may 2014 but if they decide to iterate to the nth degree, it could be a year or more away.

    5. How to speak 7 minutes and say nothing at all. By Josh Mosqueira…
      This is not looking good imho…I’m afraid I will become a Blizzard hater at this point…I still want the best for the Diablo saga, probably my favorite…but…this team will NOT make it happen…ITS FUCKING CRYSTAL CLEAR!….¬¬

      • The dude didn’t ask a single worthwhile question. “You guys just got done telling us what the Crusader is! Care to tell us what the Crusader is!?”

        • They don’t ask important questions anyway…Before D3 I would think about Bizzard SAVING THE GOOD STAFF for the launch date…now I think they don’t have anything spectacular at all.

        • Interviews are mostly tailored to the audience. This guy is from a general gaming site so he’s going to ask general questions about D3X, which is what he thinks his readers want. Just how the business works.

    6. \offline mode for the PC version was not considered for the expansion because they still feel that playing with your friends on BattleNet is best for PC gamers due to the game’s social elements.\

      What F***ing social elements?!?

      They gonna change chat channel to have a lobby like d2? Where you automaticly join with people from your country?

      Clan support??

      Or just same trash 2.0 friends list…

    7. Also why isn’t this very same question being asked in the thread commentary…

      Don’t just act as a soundbite repository, report it and give some comment.

    8. I was a little skeptical at first, but after watching all these videos, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this expansion.

      Hopefully they also enable a way to disable all the cut scenes (and in-game NIS’s) and allow act jumping.
      (I could live without act-jumping, but would really like to skip all the cut scenes, NIS’s (terroar, etc), and ‘pop-up’ badguy dialogue visitations (Azmodan).
      After several play-throughs, I just want to focus on the game, not listen to the story! 🙂

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