DiabloWikiJay Wilson recently spoke to Gamestar.de in an interview focused chiefly on the DiabloWikiFollowers. The interview was posted in German, and while this would ordinarily have been big news and we’d have devoured the Google translation and asked fluent site readers to supplement that, that didn’t seem worth the trouble given that it was posted the same day as half a dozen other new interviews, all of which were in English.

    When I got around to looking over the Google translation this evening though, I saw a few things that we hadn’t heard elsewhere. When those were confirmed by a German speaking reader named Smokey, I figured that was good enough for a news post.

    In the interview, Jay gave some more details about how we meet Kormac the Templar. He is locked up when you first encounter him, having been imprisoned by a renegade member of the Templar order. After you free him and earn his trust, Kormac will join you on your adventure.  He is the first of the Followers you encounter during the course of the game’s story, and you will probably have him with you when you encounter the Lyndon the Scoundrel. At that point you have to choose which (or neither) of the NPCs you wish to keep around.

    We’ve heard from other interviews that there are special unique items that are the goal of each Follower’s personal quest/story, but few details about them. This interview reveals that the book or tome of lore that Kormac seeks (which was stolen from his Order by the Archbishop Lazarus of D1 fame) will improve your “weapon stats” once it’s back in his possession. Kind of like an aura-style buff, apparently, though Smokey says the article isn’t clear on that.

    There’s also brand new info about Lyndon the DiabloWikiScoundrel‘s unique quest item. Jay doesn’t say what it is, but the article states that it will “enhance the probability of finding gems.” We hadn’t heard a peep about that in any of the other interviews.

    Page three of the article focuses on items, but on that page it’s not clear if the Gamestar author is quoting Jay, or speculating. (Looks like speculation by the author, from the Google translation.)  That page says that binding was removed largely to boost trading in some sort of Auction House, and that players will have the option to create set items from crafting recipes (which we already knew), but adds new info that we’ll be able to put our names on the items before we trade them.

    If anyone else with fluent German wants to look over this article and offer their interpretations, please do.

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