the Diablo III Predictions podcast exploring which classes they would like to see in the Diablo III Expansion. The old classes from Diablo II and Lord of Destruction are included in the list, just as they are on the wishlist of many other fans of the franchise.

    I have to agree on some of their points regarding the DiabloWikiNecromancer and DiabloWikiDruid. Sure, we have the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor in Diablo III now and he is somewhat an evolution of the DiabloWikiNecromancer but I feel he lacks some of the darker and more grim aspects that the Necromancer had. Neither is he as much of a pet class as the Necro.  So, a  Necromancer (or call it something new), that raise Skeletons, Zombies and other abominations.

    For the Druid I would have the class possess shapeshifting skills but remove the pet skills and make the transitions fluid like the monks 3-hit combo system so you can change from normal form to a wolf to gain speed boost and then in a heartbeat change to a bear to gain some attack and protection boost.

    I’m not so sure about bringing back the DiabloWikiPaladin as I believe we have that pretty well covered with the DiabloWikiMonk class.  The same applies to the  DiabloWikiAmazon. I think that the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter is a very good evolution of the the Amazon and the DiabloWikiAssassin.

    So what can be done that is new and fresh? I see two things.  If you take into account how the story played out, I say that either a Demon or an Angel that grew tired of the never-ending conflict and joins the fight with the DiabloWikiNephalem.

    So which class would you love to see make it into the expansion. Something new? Something old? Something blue?

    Note that all 8 guests on you’ll find a candidate or two in this lot made their guess for the new character in D3X and came up with some interesting theories. One guest pointed out that the game now has 2 Dex, 2 Int, and 1 Str classes, so another with Str as their primary stat seems quite likely.

    The Fanmade section in DiabloWiki contains entries for many varied creations too.  If you like your inspiration a little more fleshed out I bet you’ll find a candidate or two in this lot.

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