Gamesradar’s Wishlist for the Diablo III Expansion Classes

the Diablo III Predictions podcast exploring which classes they would like to see in the Diablo III Expansion. The old classes from Diablo II and Lord of Destruction are included in the list, just as they are on the wishlist of many other fans of the franchise.

I have to agree on some of their points regarding the DiabloWikiNecromancer and DiabloWikiDruid. Sure, we have the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor in Diablo III now and he is somewhat an evolution of the DiabloWikiNecromancer but I feel he lacks some of the darker and more grim aspects that the Necromancer had. Neither is he as much of a pet class as the Necro.  So, a  Necromancer (or call it something new), that raise Skeletons, Zombies and other abominations.

For the Druid I would have the class possess shapeshifting skills but remove the pet skills and make the transitions fluid like the monks 3-hit combo system so you can change from normal form to a wolf to gain speed boost and then in a heartbeat change to a bear to gain some attack and protection boost.

I’m not so sure about bringing back the DiabloWikiPaladin as I believe we have that pretty well covered with the DiabloWikiMonk class.  The same applies to the  DiabloWikiAmazon. I think that the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter is a very good evolution of the the Amazon and the DiabloWikiAssassin.

So what can be done that is new and fresh? I see two things.  If you take into account how the story played out, I say that either a Demon or an Angel that grew tired of the never-ending conflict and joins the fight with the DiabloWikiNephalem.

So which class would you love to see make it into the expansion. Something new? Something old? Something blue?

Note that all 8 guests on you’ll find a candidate or two in this lot made their guess for the new character in D3X and came up with some interesting theories. One guest pointed out that the game now has 2 Dex, 2 Int, and 1 Str classes, so another with Str as their primary stat seems quite likely.

The Fanmade section in DiabloWiki contains entries for many varied creations too.  If you like your inspiration a little more fleshed out I bet you’ll find a candidate or two in this lot.

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61 thoughts on “Gamesradar’s Wishlist for the Diablo III Expansion Classes

  1. Something borrowed. Like a mesmer from Guild Wars.

    Or an actual necromancer. The WD is really sub-par and it doesn’t even begin to cover what the necro was. But they’d probably drop the ball on pets anyway. Other than that…I dunno. There’s no archetypical combat roles left to fill.

    • There was an interview where Jay said the only class they really looked at but didn’t use was an Illusionist (i.e. Mesmer). I wouldn’t be shocked if they revisited the idea for the expansion.

  2. Actually, an angel can’t be a new class unless they’ve abandoned their angelhood Tyrael style because of the cut scene just before the Diablo fight. And what would a fallen angel bring to the game that the monk and barbarian haven’t already?

    Also, I seriously cannot see from a lore perspective why a demon would ever fight to save heaven, especially since you’re effectively fighting to prevent the never-ending conflict from ending.

  3. I’m really sick of all the people who want to see angel and demon classes. get your lore straight. its not going to happen. the closest ur going to get to a demon is perhaps a warlock class.
    i’m looking for a death knight class (half necro/half paladin) or a ranger (half druid/half spearzon).

  4. I would wan´t a holy warrior, sword and shield classic style. Neither the barb nor the monk fit that.

    It is a must for any fantasy game.

    Other than that I agree that a shape shifting class would be nice as well as a summoner class. Those areas are lacking.

    I guess time will tell what they implement.

  5. How about a Mechanic/Tinker/Alchemist? His different skills could be based around machines that could unite into a better one. Obviously nothing High-tech to stick with the mystic, medieval setting.
    His escape could be with some kind of glider?
    Dunno, just throwing it out there.

  6. The writer thinks that the Paladin is too similar to the Monk to be an expansion character. Are you serious?

    The Monk absolutely does not, in any way, resemble a Paladin or Templar. One of my big gripes about this game was the character selection and that the Holy Warrior category (Monk) was too far away from the Paladin.

    • Agreed.

      The game screams for a Holy Knight class. The end cinematics is all over such a hero.

      Besides : healer – close combat is lacking now.

      Also a rogue class with a huge chance of bypassing or crowd controlling those nasty mobs would be an incredible addition.

      Both of these 2 classes would mean a tremendous success.

  7. He doesn’t mean (about themonk=pally) lookwise: he meant playstyle and overal “feel”. The wd doesn’t entirely feel like a necro but he is very similiar. I like the idea of druid. Sounds just like Udyr from league of legends. I like Udyr cause he plays just like my drood frmo wow :D.

    They don’t have to completely abandon druid pets. Just make them different. Something like…short term attack pets like Yorick. Instead of summon and forget, one build could be summon multiple pets quickly and with a good rotation to various combat situations. Basically, mix Udyr and Yorick and your golden. 😀

  8. bring back the good old warrior even if its another melee class I think they could think of very nice skills for him I just loved the way he looked in plate armor 🙂

  9. Blizzard tried to make it´s own necro, but the witch doctor has it´s own flavor and don´t really scratch that itch. A Necro or a dark summoner on D3 would be great if well done.

  10. I would really like to see some sort of really fluid-moving desert dervish-style warrior that focuses on polearms and/or duel-wielding short blades. I picture him using shadow powers that would allow him to be stealthy, and maybe a bit of illusionist-type powers too.

  11. I don’t know, would be interesting if they make Enchantress/Templar/Scoundrel into full classes.

  12. There’s two “tank” style classes, and two “glass cannon” style classes. They’re more varied than that, but for simplicity’s sake, those are the roles they hold. The With Doctor holds a fuzzy middle ground, with utility and pets.

    There’s two intelligence-based classes, and two dexterity-based classes. The Barbarian is the only strength-based class, which most likely opens up strength as the primary stat of the expansion class.

    Out of the previous possibilities in Diablo classes, we have most of them covered. There’s a summoner of the undead, a medium build agile warrior, a brute force fighter, a ranged rogue capable of laying traps, and a wielder of magic. A shape-shifter is the only one missing. I don’t think Archon or Wrath of the Berserker count in filling this space.

    So a strength-based shape-shifting class that holds a fuzzy middle ground between tank and glass cannon? Sounds like a fun possibility.

  13. How about a demon that has a change of heart? I know that sounds really weird but like someone like Leah except reverse, you know? She/He starts out bad but then sees redemption and fights against the demons. They could have a whole story line about traitors and betrayal.

  14. I think the sword and shield archetype is still to be filled, whether it be a through paladin or some other class. Neither the barbarian nor monk seem to fill that role to me. For a more original character role, I think a samurai would be interesting. A sort of hybrid with sword/spear melee or bow for a ranged character. I always thought that was going to be the fifth character before the Kate Beckinsale was announced.

  15. I’m pretty sure that it should be something paladin-like. We now have only one character with Strength as main primary stat. Even if just for item balancing, the next character should be strength-oriented.

    • “I’m pretty sure that it should be something paladin-like. We now have only one character with Strength as main primary stat. Even if just for item balancing, the next character should be strength-oriented.”

      – all well and good, except that [Str + Vit + AllRes] gear is already five times the price of similar [Int + Vit + AllRes] or [Dex + Vit + AllRes] gear, on the auction house.

      If another Strength based character is to be introduced, Blizzard need to either raise the drop rate of Strength gear or make the Strength-based characters less gear dependant, to avoid frustration for everyone.

  16. monk is no paladin. A revamped warrior class would be kinda cool. I just want a plate/shield class of some kind. With actual shield skills.

  17. A new class should be the stock exchange broker. Skills would be such that gives you bonuses for the AH. Say insider trading, allows you to buy items cheap, or w/e. But every so often these skills can cause mayhem, with say, 1% chance of them causing a crash where wealth ( items and gold) are destroyed, or you losing all you gold due to bad investment.

    Hey, at least it would go more in line with their game design and what diablo has turned into.

  18. Druid. Nuff said, I love my barbarian but my true Diablo love will always be my Druid

  19. Spirit Seeker – This nephalem is far more attuned to the spiritual part in both the higher heaven and the darkest of hells, able to call upon either demonic or angelic support, this mighty warrior uses a variety of weapons and focuses on unique armors to withstain damage. This class can use any general weapon such as sword and shield, 2 handed weapons, or ranged weapons, and whatever weapon this warrior wields reflects the skills as well (so there is no specific skill just for a said a 2h, all weapons work). If weapons don’t work, you can always call upon the powers of an mighty demonic spirit or angelic protector to deal damage from afar (caster) or be imbued by these spirits to become infused with either power (like WotB/Archon, demonic/angelic appearance with human mixed in).

    Or something like a bard that can juggle weapons at enemies, use throwing knives, cast illusions and use music to embolden allies or slow enemies or something.

  20. I long for a good necromancer class. Call it something else sure… but man, that class was just the best.

  21. Expansion classes?! How about expansion features that’ll give D3 an appropriate amount of depth? When I think of D3 expansions, the last thing I’m thinking about is expansion classes.

    More content, more events, more item affixes, inferno unique content, an interesting +skill item affix system, item customization via add sockets and enchanting, revamp of attributes, added passives, oh, and something better than the current lame, linear itemization. They can keep the expansion classes, just get D3 out of this beta phase.

  22. Bring back the REAL barbarian from D2, able to ww, able to dual wield 2-handers, able to do real dps… rename it the way you want, berserk ie.
    The actuall barbarian feels more like a normal tank warrior taken from wow.

  23. So we’re expecting a new class, Archangel! XD
    So it will have heavenly skills like too much “light” XD

  24. A heavily armoured (ie, strength class) mass pet class (like the necro) I could see. I doubt it would be a necromancer given their desire to not bring back old classes.

    I can only see one class coming out in the first expansion though. Sad but it really wouldn’t surprise me if they only made one of them.

  25. It would be nice to see the old classes come back. also I would like to see a samurai/Chinese warrior, middle Eastern/Indian style warrior, and a Native American/Aztec style Indian

  26. You mentioned in the article that the WD doesn’t exactly fit a pet build, but don’t forget Patch 1.0.4 promises class tuning, so pets may just become viable, the way they were intended. In numerous posts prior to release, WD’s were presented as the “pet character”.

  27. I think this game needs a shifter class again. I do feel like the monk is that holy archetype, the barb is the smash and bash, and the demon hunter is the assassin/ranged role. WD I agree isn’t quite like a necro but their skill assortment and the use of zombies, spirits, and darker magics with an earthly twist is good enough for me to satisfy that role.

    I just feel like the druid within certain limits fills that earth bound elemental and natural role best as something that stands apart especially with the shapeshifting.

    I feel like they really need to focus on finding a way to make 2 handed weapons more ideal for classes if they want to work on diversity. I also feel like class specific items should have a given class specific enchancement that doesn’t take away from the item budget at all. They want people using these items, yet the defensive beast that is Inferno really prevents that in most cases.

    The monk is that holy/quick hybrid somewhat of a paladin assassin mix so I really don’t see the point in going the holy route for the next.

    I’d really almost say forget adding another class and increase gear diversity. Add gem effects, and different gem slot effects for gems, more rune effects for abilities, more passives/tweak passives to make some more deserving of use, and more legendaries at max ilvl with unique effects.

    Really more of a short wishlist of some of the things I’d like in an xpac, but I digress.

  28. How about a pirate, arrrrrr (doesn’t fit, I know)

    Maybe an Iron Wolf, who’s a master of dual wielding swords etc.

    An engineer type that can create offense, defense steam punk style wind up bombs etc.

  29. I can’t believe this Sh*t. The game is so fuc*ed up right now, and people are actually hoping for an expansion?
    Gamesradar should be posting stuff like,
    1 – do you want a DRM for the expansion?
    2 – Do you think that they should stop Fuc*ing the lore by adding useless forgettable characters (Leah) in the main storyline, not to mention killing them of in ACT 3?
    3 – Do you think that they should stop Fuc*ing with Legendary characters (Cain and Adria, Gillian in The Order) (Trash that cain part, they already screwe* him.)
    4 – Do you think they should rescue the soul of Leah (Useless) or Aidan (Legendary Dark Wanderer, the true hero of Diablo series) from the Abyss for the final defeat of Diablo?

    There I gave you 4 “GOOD” questions. EXPANSION Classes seriously?

  30. I’d like to see the return of Diablo 1’s Warrior.

    I’m getting sick of the gigantic barbarian. The Warrior can be more like a melee demon hunter that uses single or dual swords etc.

    You can almost be certain that one of the new classes will be something like a Samurai or Ninja, though.

  31. I seriously think that it is gonna be a strength based class like the paladin. Just because we have 2 class per main stat except for strength (which is in part why barb gear is cheaper)

  32. I would like to see a melee type necromancer, sword and board with summon and buff auras or curses would be fun!

  33. The next class to be released will be a strength c;ass. It just makes a lot of sense considering str might as well be called the barbarian stat now…

  34. You could always change the “necromancer” into something even darker like a “Ritualist” or a “Heretic” who summon demons and uses dark incantations to ruin its foes.

    We need an armored fighter and it doesn’t have to be a “paladin”. It can always be something like “Dragon Knight” or “Inquisitor” or “Crusader”. Actually and evil “Dread Knight” would solve both problems.

    If i know Blizzard they’ll probably release one class and release that as an expansion pack. We can’t get two classes. Need for an armored strength user is obvious so thats what i am going with.

    • Thats sort of what i was thinking. A necro that is melee sword and board.

      Kind of like the anti paladin. Sort of the same as a paladin but with a dark twist and maybe a summon or two.

  35. Ive always thought it would be cool to have a druid style class but not towards the typical wolves and bears but lean toward a reptilian side (metamorphosis like the lizard in the new spider-man movie comes to mind as an example). Could either be built as a strength or a dex class depending on what the focus is (str with increased resistance due to the tough reptilian skin) (dex if based around speed (of course)) Just throwing it out there.
    Or hell base this class around a more insect metamorphosis, exoskeleton armor (praying mantis mutation)
    Just some food for thought

  36. an upgrade to the necro…

    hmm maybe a lich. he could use death spells and ice spells. yes the wiz has ice spells but maybe the lich could take some old sorc ice spells like frozen orb or even an ice bolt and bring in a evil/dark vibe to the skills.

    it could work.

    the druid could come back as more of a plant controller and a shapeshifter and less of an element controller(unless blizz decides to do that right this time). imagine using a vine grasp and then turn into a werewolf/bear and tear enemies to shreds. could play like a melee warrior with a mage vibe.

    amazon could kinda come back if she is more spear/melee weapon+shield focused. give her back some of her past skills with some good updrades. however it would be hard to make her an archer now. maybe make her use more naturey traps with the possibility of more natural or amazon magicy arrows.

    assassin, paladin, and the sorceress dont have much of a chance of returning

    we could use a good demon/angel class too or a hybrid between human and angel/demon(i know humans are technically hydrids between the two but this way would add more demon/angel powers to them)

  37. I want my shape-shifter back.

    I never have agreed with the thought that a new iteration of a franchise must contain ALL new classes. That’s just Silly.

    I don’t understand how the Barbarian can be seen as a viable transfer, but that the other classes could not be carried into the continued story.

    The necromancer (Rathma), assassin (Natalya), druid (being former barbarians), and amazon all have history in the Diablo universe.

    Not that I’m totally against new classes in a new game, BUT as long as the story of the barbarian was continued, just what is so wrong about continuing the stories of the other classes?

    There’s a lot to be said for Continuity versus New and [not so] Shiny.

  38. It seems like the design philosophy skewed toward classes that are fairly iconic and identifiable by a general audience. Things like necromancer or paladin or druid are quite “insider” to fantasy RPGs, let alone the “artificer” mentioned in the article. D&D 4E suffered from this problem, too, where a few of the later books had things like a Shardmind, for goodness sake. Even “demon hunter” is a vague class name by this standard.

    I could see something rich in lore like a samurai (mentioned above), which would be STR based but very different than a barbarian. I was thinking “bard” but then we’ve seen war cries, haven’t we? Someone mentioned pirate, and I don’t think that’s totally nuts, maybe something as wacky as a musketeer from Kingsport.

    I’m all for seeing something new and fresh instead of the same old RPG classes.

    • Yeap. That’s their idea with classes, easily recognizable archetypes. Boyarsky said that in a interview (though he is a writer / world designer, if I recall correctly, and not a “class” designer at all).

  39. I am bummed my fan made classes (coalescent and a javelin and off hand net class) didn’t make the cut in the link. This is especially since one of them covers an omission in d3 that was classic to d2: a javelin/spear class.

    Aside from javelin and shapeshifting, I’d posit that the necro’s bone tree skills aren’t represented. The poison side is in d3 but there is no bone spear, bone spirit, bone armor, bone prison (except for the bosses) or bone wall equivalent.

    I have talked on another forum about how the next class will be str based to round out the classes with 2 str, 2 dex, and 2 int. The real question though is are they going to make 2 classes in the expansion like Lord of Destruction or just 1. So are they going to make a javelin/shapeshift/bone class or a javelin class and a shapeshift class or bone class?

  40. Here’s an off-the-wall idea: Introduce a class that uses Vitality as it’s primary stat.

    Now, hear me out on this. I realize vitality is already a pretty important stat for all classes, and putting extra emphasis on it would be hard to balance. I think the trick would be in using “life” as the resource that the character spends. Monks have spirit, Barbarians have rage, but this new class only has one orb to manage – Life.

    Call it a “Blood Mage”. Or maybe it’s an update to the necromancer in which he uses his own blood as part of the ritual to create abominations or summon vile creatures.

    I think the beauty in a class like this is balancing how much life you can spend with how much damage you’re going to take in the fight. It becomes more complex while simplifying the resources he has to work with.

  41. I do love the Witch Doctor. The poor fellow needs some more love.

    And as I read somewhere from a dev, (Jay, perhaps? Not sure now), the WD is supposed to use pets more as a distraction while his spells do the real damage, while the necro was more about using curses to weaken foes and then pets do dmng, instead of realying too much on spells.

  42. It’s going to be a knight. Sword and board or two handed weapon focus. Slower attacks for heavier damage and a reliance of auras. Remember, we do have the DRM in place and Necros won’t work due to heavy lag. Also, Heaven isn’t really that good either. This would take the concept of the Paladin and make the alignment more neutral.

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