Gamespot Interviews Leonard Boyarsky

Leonard Boyarsky

It’s interview time again and Gamespot pinned down world designer DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky for a chat .

In the interview, Leonard discusses his past experience and what it brings to Diablo 3, what it was like to pick up developing a game when many members of the original team were no longer working at Blizzard, the progression of the Diablo story and more.

GS: What are the non-negotiable elements that make up a Diablo game?

LB: For us, it’s not so much on the story side; like I said, I feel like that’s where Diablo had the most room for improvement, on story delivery. The action RPG side was where I think all the checkboxes were. It had to have a great item game, it had to have unrelenting action, it had to have mouse-breaking capabilities, it had to have all those things that people remember so fondly from the first two games, and I think I’m pretty confident we’ve accomplished that, and brought it even further.



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  1. “But when I played Diablo and Diablo II, I was a one skill spammer–I didn’t bind any all my keys”

    It’s interesting to hear how the people making the game are actually not very good at playing games. I mean most people playing games are not very good at it but somehow I have always thought that hardcore gamers are overrepresented among the people making games.

    • It’s quite the opposite actually. People that are good at games are busy playing them. Not making them.

    • Well first off, he’s always been in charge of either art or story for the various games he’s worked on with both Blizzard and past companies, so no it’s not that important that he be really good at playing the games himself… secondly, I’d love to see you say that to David Kim who is one of the devs of Starcraft 2 and also one of the best players around…

  2. Good interview… It was interesting reading about his philosophies about keeping class archetypes instead of having a more dynamic progression system and such…

    I also thought it was interesting how they brought up the Diablo mouse up at the end as I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about it and the WoW mouse and how Blizzard should switch from having Steel Series making them to Naga…

    • Why did they switch from Razer with the Starcraft peripherals?  They all seem overpriced.  They sure hyped it up in the promo video on the official D3 site, though. “Designed from the ground up to be a Diablo mouse…” 🙄

      • Yeah… Apparently people have had the Diablo mouse break after like a month of regular use and the WoW mouse’s paint starts melting off after a couple months as well…

        • I’m not surprised.. I like the idea but I don’t think it can be done well 🙁 I have a Razer Lachesis, which is OK, but I will not be buying Razer products anymore..
          My next mouse/kb in 2026 🙄 will be Corsair, machined aluminum FTW.

          The MMO/RTS version, M90, would make a sick Diablo mouse.

          • I would never recommend buying from any of these game-gear companies. They’re built upon the idea that it is in their interest to make what looks like the most appealing product with the least amount of cost to themselves. This is the normal corporate ideal, but it’s extremely noticeable for companies like these. In the end, you get a poorly constructed and easily breakable product.

            Steel series and Razer are infamous for it. I would always recommend something like LG for longevity. I hear that, as gaming gear goes, Cyborg isn’t all that bad, but read the reviews before buying.

          • Buy vintage keyboards and Microshaft rats and you’re good to go. I’ve never dropped more than $30 in a mouse and I’ve NEVER had a problem topping any FPS scoreboard because hardware.

  3. Ever since I bought my first Razer mouse, I NEVER had any issues with them. They are awesome mouses?/mice? I have had a Lachesis in the past and now I am using the Naga. Still no issues, works like a dream.

    I also had one of their keyboards, that also worked perfectly. I don’t have it anymore cause I accidentally spilled water on it. However, I can easily argue that Razer makes great products. At least from my experience and my close friends that also use Razer products that had the same experience as me.

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