Gamespot BlizzCon Video Interview

Gamespot has posted their interview with the development team and they talk to Wyatt Cheng, Senior Technical Designer, and Andrew Chamger, Senior Systems Designer. Topics include the Beta progress, the changes to the skill system to stop skill swapping such as in-town skill swapping or something similar to encourage build commitement, Inferno, PvP, the release date and more.

Thanks Doomscream.


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  1. is it “legal” to boo at the panels? cheering is

  2. I bet gamespot will post more interviews from BlizzCon. They usually do more than just a single one.

  3. Can someone link a URL to this vid? I cannot find it anywhere and it does not appear in the post on my handheld

  4. I can’t tell what country Andrew Chambers is from. I ask because his accent has some similarities to Australian but he has too many rhotic r’s and other American things. I would still call it an American accent but it’s not like any I’ve heard before (I’m Australian). Any help?

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