Kotaku has gone to Gamescon, and tried out the Diablo III demo there. It’s not last year’s Blizzcon build; action takes place in a new, desert location—but only the Barbarian, Wizard and Witch Doctor are playable, so no 4th character sneak previews from Gamescom.

    The demo begins in the Sundered Pass, a dusty zone that smacks of Lut Gholein’s desert lands in Diablo II. Of course, the deserts in Diablo III look far better than those featured in the previous game, with visible winds carrying clouds of sand across the plains, dust storms kicking up around us. The land is similarly populated with tiny desert creatures, snakes and insects that get trampled underfoot.

    Our main quest in this desert land is to head to Alcarnus, as given to us by the lady Asheara, to see just what the hell is going on in that town. Since Diablo’s back in town, things in Alcarnus aren’t going too well. You know, demons and stuff.

    Well worth a read. You can also discuss these new revelations in the forum thread started by mgcemir.

    Thanks mgcemir for the tip.

    Click through for another video from the show.

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