Gamescom Street Art Beta Contest Winners

Blizzard Europe ran a contest during Gamescom, where fans could take their picture with the Diablo street art display in the Rudolfplatz, style it up a bit, and post it on some form of social media. The three best entries were promised a spot in the Diablo III beta, and today Bliz EU posted the winners. You can see them below, and all three are pretty clever and deserving, I think.

Thanks to Mikael for the news tip.

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5 thoughts on “Gamescom Street Art Beta Contest Winners

  1. Soo people theorized that contest winners would be chosen at a time frame irrelevant to beta since they can always join in another round of invites. But as we see here its already been decided, could this mean that beta will be very short (not many rounds if at all) and that Blizz is pushing for beta/release this year very hard?

    Maybe there is something to the theory: beta->few days later golden master announcement->release in october. Its a great spot to release a game in, you get tons of sales at first week from fans/preorders and just as the numbers dwindle down, Black Friday comes and a month later Christmas… 😆

  2. I think David’s should have been “You have died.  Your deeds of valor will be remembered.”  That would have been Hardcore.  😉

  3. That first one (with the swimming suit) wasn’t really taken at the right angle.  It’s hard to even tell what the ground art is supposed to be without already knowing, much less see it from a 3D type perspective!  The other two are very good, but I really don’t think that first one should have won.

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