Gamescom Shaky Cam Preview

Kotaku found some shaky cam footage of the enormous Blizzard booth at Gamescom. It’s still under construction in this video taken by someone walking around the perimeter, and there’s nothing to see of Diablo but the logo painted on a wall, but if you can’t wait for the show to open tomorrow, watching this might help take the edge off. (The Kotaku post wonders if D3 will be playable, and if there will be new stuff to see. Answers = yes and no.)

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1 thought on “Gamescom Shaky Cam Preview

  1. Perhaps they’ll give some info about how respecs will work, although that’s probably of too much interest. More likely, there will be some info about the color of Cain’s underwear, though I doubt they will absolutely confirm whether it’s red or orange.

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