A site called Game Leakerz has posted an 11-minute clip of gameplay footage from the Gamescom demo. It’s fairly low quality, both the video and the game action, but if you want to see more of the Act Two desert, here’s your chance.

    The footage starts off with a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor, then gets a bit more interesting around 3:30, when it cuts to a DiabloWikiBarbarian who doesn’t seem to know what to do with his full DiabloWikiFury meter, and thus has a lot of trouble with the DiabloWikiFallen Shaman packs that were always found barricading the bridge between DiabloWikiThe Howling Plateau and DiabloWikiCanyon Rim Mines in this demo. A male DiabloWikiWizard gets some action around 6:15, and if you like seeing DiabloWikiArcane Orb in use, this is your lucky day, since it’s the only skill the guy playing seems to have discovered. Purple!

    Update: Apparently about half of this is reused shaky cam footage taken last year. A bit dishonest, but since this is the exact same build, why not? If you want more, check out some video posts from last year’s Gamescom and PAX, since there was a lot more sneak-leaked footage then, than we’ve seen this year.


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