Jay was obviously busy so Josh Mosqueira is the man answering the questions from German site Gemwelt. In this interview Josh talks about the gameplay experience and, yes you guessed it, the auction house.

    Josh stressed that the Diablo series has always been about trading items and players would have to resort to third-party unsecure sites to get their hands on gear. He states “our players want this, our players already do this”. Now of course all our polling and a new community poll in the forum on this issue is showing that only 21% purchased items in Diablo 2. So are the players right or are Blizzard right?

    Moving on, he talks a little about the console port of Diablo and how they want to get the PC version out the door then work on creating that ‘epic’ experience on to the console. He was then asked about the Beta start date and again it’s the line of ‘3rd quarter’ which is the end of September but he says that’s their ‘goal’  which to me means nothing is set in stone.

    Thanks Mycota.

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