Blizzard has revealed the winners of their Gamescom costume and fan art contests, and there’s eye candy for all.

    First up, the fan art winners. This contest was run by IGN and they picked two runner ups and one winner. The three pieces can be seen below and with the 800+ other images in our Diablo 3 Fan Art Gallery. I am intentionally *not* saying which one won, so you guys can look at make up your own mind. They’re all nice, but the winner was not the one I would have chosen.


    Blizzard also posted news of the winners of their Gamescom costume contest. A female Wizard came in third and a male Barbarian won it all, with a trip to Blizzcon for his top prize. Let’s hope he doesn’t try to bring those axes through airport security. Here’s a collection of pics of all the cosplayers, plus the three winners in solo shots. And you can see all of these, with hundreds and hundreds of others, in our Diablo Cosplay Gallery.

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