Gamescom Diablo 3 Activities

Next week Gamescom kicks off in Cologne and the Blizzard activities page now features a bit more information with regards to what will be on show as well as a schedule of events. Jay Wilson and Josh Mosqueira will be hosting a Q&A session at 12:00 on the Saturday for Diablo 3 although I doubt very much we will learn anything new considering the recent info influx. He’ll probably get bomarded with questions about RMT auction houses and DRM as they are the current hot topics.

I will be heading over to Cologne on Tuesday and will be popping by the Blizzard booth to see what is happening and hopefully get some hands-on time with what we know is the BlizzCon 2010 build of Diablo 3. I didn’t try that build out so it will all be new to me.

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    17 thoughts on “Gamescom Diablo 3 Activities

    1. Last year tthey had a pretty big announcement, The Artisans. Maybe they will reveal something more about end game stuff, an update of the rune system or some Beta news.

      who know’s

    2. As a side note, any rumors you may have heard about a gate to Diablo’s Burning Hells opening in Cologne are completely unfounded. Seriously, nothing is happening at Rudolfplatz from the evening of August 16 — especially nothing to do with demonic invasions.” @

      Hmmmm 0_o?

      • Oh, how I hate your teasing ways.  You give me dates and then you break my heart.  Yet, like a train wreck, I will still watch eagerly… :[

    3. Can we send you there with some questions to ask Jay?  Chief on my list would be about character customization.  Something along the lines of.  “The official reasoning you give for removing customization in skills and stats is that most players just followed a build or maxed a couple skills.  What do you say to the minority of players who enjoyed experimenting with those stats?  Do you really believe armor dyes are just as good?”

      • Or in this case “Rushter’s world-wide game report” 🙂
        I hope something gets announced, but I’m not holding my breath.

        • Nobody expects the German Diablo 3 Announcement! It’s chief weapon is surprise. Surprise, and fanatical devotion to the pope.

      • I’m not going to be there, since Germany is a long way from Oregon. And the demo is the 2010 blizzcon one again, with the DH and the Arena, so any game/content reports from it would be old news. But it will be interesting to hear from some people getting their first play time on D3, even if it’s not the newest build.

    4. @Rushster:
      Don’t forget to stop by the gamona / booth and meet Garry. They have a huge 10th anniversary party this year! ^^

    5. I was there the last two years at closed press day. The Blizzard guys were so kind to give me 2hrs play time each, so I’m very looking forward to next week. 
      David, Germany (D1+2 veteran)

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