Our friends at Diablo EU emailed to let us know that the Diablo 3 demo at next weeks’ Gamescom show will indeed be a repeat of last year’s Blizzcon demo. With the desert, and the male Monk, etc. A Google.bot version of their news post, minus the LOLcat.

    Looki.de learned Blizzard has no new demo at Gamescom.

    Not so great – Not so great

    This is what we concluded from the info that the 2009 demo would reappear at the Warcraft 3 tournament in Austin in 2 weeks, but now we know for sure. So it looks like the highlight of Gamescom, in terms of new D3 news, will be the new feature presentation and subsequent Jay Wilson press conference. Let’s hope for some new screenshots and artworks too, at the very least.

    This seems to be all part of Blizzard’s cunning plan to get us anticipating Blizzcon in October even more.  Because moar!

    Update: The news source, Looki.de, updated their original post to remove any comment about the demo.

    The content of the demo we can give no information on the current state more. All demo descriptions were therefore removed from the news.

    Honestly, this has gone well beyond ridiculous. Fans are making expensive travel decisions based on what Blizzard is or is not showing at various conventions. It’s fine that they don’t want to reveal the info before the show, but they have a responsibility to state clearly and unambiguously if there will be a new demo or not. It’s not like they’re flipping a coin the day before the show; they make these decisions well in advance.

    Update #2: And…. it’s official.

    Bashiok: The build being shown at gamescom this year will be the BlizzCon ‘09 build.

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