Bashiok replied to a fan asking about the imminent Gamescom info release, with some perfectly Bashiok-ian teasing.

    We’ve always had a content release schedule, and it’s always included gamescom 2010. It’s the largest game conventions in the world, and is a good opportunity to get media coverage on new stuffs.

    I think you guys will enjoy tomorrow.

    After the release of the info at BlizzCon, when will we get to see the light of another update? 10 months? Please let me know so I can go do better things with my day instead of visiting the D3 webpage every day for nothing.

    Haha. Well. Gamescom marks the beginning of the ramp.

    I’ll differ with the quoted fan: visiting a D3 webpage every day is a joyous event. So long as it’s this one. If you’re visiting Blizzard’s beautiful but unchanging official page every day and staring at the pixels hoping your mind can rearrange them into something new, then you might have a problem.

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