With Blizzard on vacation the Diablo III news has officially dried up. There are, however, other games out there, of an RPG nature. One we profiled earlier this year was Path of Exile, an F2P RPG being made by new NZ developer Grinding Gear Games. I haven’t played it since the guys showed me a copy during their debut press tour of San Francisco back in September, but I remember it fondly. They’re still working away, and they recently revealed the Witch, the 3rd (out of 6) character classes. Check out the PCGamer article for info, screens, and a Q&A with game producer Chris Wilson.

    Elsewhere, our old friends and Diablo creators at Runic Games are busy working away on Torchlight 2. There’s no new news about that title, but if you never did pick up the TL1, it’s on half price sale through January 3rd. Just the thing to get you through those long, boring, post-Xmas days.

    If you’re a IncGamers Pal and received your RIFT VIP beta access key you will probably be taking part in the 3rd stage of the MMO’s beta which kicked off yesterday.  As servers have been chock-full since it began you may be looking for something else to get your gaming fix.

    What other games are you guys playing now? Any other RPGs you’d recommend or are looking eagerly forward to? Hit the comments and share the wealth.

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