GamesRadar is hosting the online version of a new Diablo 3 preview from PC Gamer UK magazine. The info is from Blizzcon and the article skillfully blends info from the panels, a DiabloWikiJay Wilson interview, and hands on gameplay. There are a few minor errors; they keep referring to the “Warrior” character, but on the whole it’s an excellent preview and well worth a read. A quote:

    Is it Jay?s thing, then, to obsess over the effects of violence? ?Yes,? he replies. ?It?s something very close to my heart. When something happens, I want to feel it, I want to see it, and I want it to be awesome. And if it?s not awesome, we?re going to keep on working on it until it is awesome.?

    As he talks, he becomes more animated ? the excitement rising. ?That?s something I think Diablo and Diablo II did so well. If you play Diablo II again, do me a favour and go and start a sorceress. Go ahead and hit a Fallen on the head with a staff. It?s the greatest sound in the world! It?s a thonk, right in the side of his head. It?s so good. We focus on that constantly. If it?s not right, I give people no end of grief.?

    One other tidbit; Jay giving some encouraging lip service to their long term PvP plans:

    The original Diablo dungeon crawls had the option to duel, but, as Jay points out, ?it was tacked on, a button that you?d just enable. We?d like to give it a bit more thought than that.? The irony is that the Diablo community took duelling seriously, even if Blizzard did little to support it. ?We?d like to serve that community, and put real time and effort into making it much more than an afterthought,? is all Jay will say.

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