Diablo 3 up for Game Developer Choice Online Awards

It’s another videogame awards round and this time it’s for the  Game Developer Choice Online Awards which are mainly voted for by the online gaming  industry. Diablo 3 is a up for a couple of awards in the “Best Online Technology” category which  covers:

The Best Online Technology Award recognizes the overall excellence of technology in an online game. This includes excellence in complexity of network infrastructure, persistent world coding, graphics technology, artificial intelligence, or any other elements.

Finally, the “Best Audio for an Online Game” which is described as:

The Best Audio for an Online Game Award recognizes the overall excellence of audio in an online game including sound effects, musical composition, and overall sound design for an online title.

Blizzard are also up for the “Best Community Relations” for World of Wwarcraft. The award winners will be revealed on 10 October, and from the shortlists in each category, SWTOR is dominating the overall nominations.

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  1. D3 for best online technology? Overall excellence?! Network infrastructure?! HAHAHA. One of the best jokes of the year besides Jay Wilson.

    What are they smoking? I want some of it.

  2. If it had Uleman, sure, it would win hands down in the audio category. The sound effects are very good, but it needs the epic Diablo score to win IMO.

    I won’t knock it for the network, at least in the US. They prepped for 3.5M and had to handle the 6.3M deluge. People are pissed about it sure, but I’d like to see anyone do better in a similar situation.

    Where is the category for worst official forum posters? Yeah, they’d win that one for all time.

  3. yeah, I don’t get how “persistent world coding” applies to D3

    and I guess if you ignore the initial launch problems (and I think it would be fair to ignore them), the game might qualify for “excellence in complexity of network infrastructure”

    (although the game did have — and may still have — that ‘trick’ for cancelling an AH auction by resetting the client’s clock; so that could – and should – eliminate it from winning)

    “artificial intelligence” — ok, I’ll give ’em that; the followers in D3 are much smarter than the mercs in D2; and the zombie dogs and gargantuan are smart enough

    I didn’t play SWTOR, or WoW or Rift so I don’t know if they deserve it anymore than D3 does

    but I’m guessing WoW should probably get it just because its been around for long and has the kinks worked out

  4. I’d award them fail of the decade.

  5. Am I the only one enjoying this game?

    Or am I just a mindless fanboy?

  6. Jay Wilson can go fuck himself.

  7. The technical award is a joke because the servers still mess with my single player experience.

    The audio award isnt deserved either because the musical score is extremely uninspired.

  8. The game is good, but just that, sadly.
    I really dont think that diablo reaches excellence in this aspects, maybe in sound, maybe. 😕

  9. Go and vote on another game, dont give a chance to D3 win this prize.
    Blizz Fail.

  10. There is absolutely 0 chance D3 can win any positive award.

  11. People still take award shows seriously? Even after this?

  12. Uh, well, erm …
    I’m not 100% sure that ‘excellence’ was the exact term I had in mind regarding Battle.net’s network infrastructure during launch. 😉

    “Life is full of these little ironies…”

  13. I see I don’t need to leave some snarky comment. But I will say that there’s a reason nobody on the D3 team is nominated for the CM of the Year award or whatever crap this is.

    Besides Lylirra. She’s not too bad.

  14. Paid for by the following…

  15. sound effects are fine. the music lacks big time. you got this demonic-looking level, Kulle’s Archives and you get stupid violin music…..I mean, for real? I played the game back with D1/D2 score in Winamp and global hotkeys…..and the difference was shocking.

    especially the Harem track in Caldeum…..demonically delicious! the Spider Cavern and Tal Rasha’s Tombs tracks in the caves/dungeons, the Harrogath Siege track in the Crater Lands, and Leoric’s track from D1 in the Halls of Agony on the way to the Butcher….ooooh thrills n chills!!!

    the only piece of D3 music I’m satisfied with is the High Heavens and Diablo’s signature theme (bam bam bam bam BAAAAAAAAM BAAAAAAAAM), but other than that, nothing else.

    and on a final note, it seems that whoever comes up with these award nominees is a 24/7 stoner.

    – BEST ONLINE TECHNOLOGY? you mean the one where you gotta wait 2 minutes in the queue to start a SINGLE PLAYER game?

    – or the one that got people banned just for USING the RMAH?

    here’s MY award choice for D3, CLUSTERFUCK OF THE DECADE

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