Approximately eleven years after a similar measure might have helped save the Diablo II economy from Pindlebots, Blizzard has implemented a limit on the number of games an account can create in a short period of time. Here’s their official announcement, plus the update a few hours later, when they had to turn it off for more fine tuning.

    We’ve recently added a limit to the number of games a player can create within a certain amount of time. Players who hit this limit will see the error: “Input limit reached. Please wait to perform more actions.” After receiving this error, you will need to wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before creating any additional games.

    This change was made to help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability, and we’ll continue to monitor the situation and make additional improvements as necessary. We’re currently working to find a solution that allows most players who are playing normally to create games without encountering this error, but will still limit some of the more extreme cases of rapid game creation. We appreciate your patience as we make these adjustments.

    10:00 PM PDT- After looking into some reports from players it seems the limit may have not been working exactly as intended. Working properly you really shouldn’t see it, even in fairly normal ‘farming’ conditions, or reasonable amounts of character swapping. We’re shutting off the limitations off until we can take a better look at it tomorrow.

    I doubt anyone will object to this. Well, anybody other than hackers/botters, anyway. And since the rest of us want them to object to things, no worries then?

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