Forum Watch #89: Game Challenges, 1.0.5 Prep Work and Affix Changes

A few posts I came across this morning on my rounds on the forums I wanted to share with you guys.

If you’re looking for a challenge then MrNajsman and his friends have come up with a gameplan they are currently playing. The Self-found Challenge Event. The basic rules are to acquire a full set of unid’d ilvl63 items, identify them together and distribute amongst your team and starting at Act 1 see how far you can get. He explains briefly their group mix, how they’ve prepared and how they are getting on.

Potion Boost

PTR feedback from TheThirdMan. He’s noticing the benefit greatly of the changed affix “Health Globes grant +xx Life” which has now changed to “Health Globes and Potions grant +x to Life“. You may indeed not have noticed this slight change in text but he’s noticed this is making a significant difference to the survivability of his DH.

This of course makes potions all the more useful. I hope not to the degree that there is less strategy to keeping clear of that all important globe bobbing around at the back of a pack that you’re saving for the eleventh hour.

A Couple of discussions on the impact of 1.0.5 on class builds from members experimenting on the DiabloWikiPTR that you could find useful, even if you aren’t on the PTR yourself.

Athenau looks at War Cry vs Ground Stomp and their impact regarding Active vs. Passive defense of the Barb.

Moreno has a dilemma. He’s considering the upgrade he will make in gear for his Wizard in 1.0.5 – he’s got 240M budget but not sure which route to take out of the two – strengthen the Shocknado CM build or go Archon? Advice so far is pretty varied but if you find yourself with that much cash burning a hole in your pocket he’d like to know what you would advise. Decisions, decisions.

If you’re tired of cookie cutter monk builds Bash has a new one for you to try..

I’ve juggled a bit around with build and skills these past few days, and have come up with a build that not only has incredible synergy, but is dirt cheap as well. I have A2 on farm mode, and A3 fairly doable – for just 3 mil gold. And you can too..

There is no Serenity and no Mantras either. Crazy talk? Maybe but it’s proving proactive and a lot of fun.

pumped about somethingTo finish up fmulder has done another Caption this! and we’re up to #24 already if you can believe.

This one I think presents ample opportunity for some smart arse comments and witticisms – I’m sure you can come up with something.

Lastly, I snuck in a small addition to the forum last week. You might have noticed in new threads and posts there is now a thumbs up icon at the top right.   To state the bleeding obvious this allows you to rate up a post you find particularly helpful/interesting/funny or whatever, you can remove your thumbs up if you later decide it was actually none of those things after all.

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    4 thoughts on “Forum Watch #89: Game Challenges, 1.0.5 Prep Work and Affix Changes

    1. yeah potion love! this will make me so happy! but honestly, with a zero pick up radius the + will help me not die so much,

    2. ” I hope not to the degree that there is less strategy to keeping clear of that all important globe bobbing around at the back of a pack that you’re saving for the eleventh hour. ”
      Lol, theres 0 strategy even at the highest level combat, you spam your dps spells, use evasive/defensive spells when needed, and whether or not your successfull or not is almost entirely determined by your items, and build. since melee units and ranged units attacks hit 200f away from where their attack actually was, its not like you can avoid getting hit, and its almost like a stack of numbers fighting each other with models and effects to entertain you, because its not like you can strategically handle certain types of enemys (the berserker is one of the very few examples of a monster you can strategically fight, because his wind up on attacks take like 5 seconds

      Look don’t get me wrong, I see where blizzard was coming from with the hit leniency, but they went so far in the other direction that you literally couldn’t avoid ranged attacks even if you tried, and the second your within melee range of any monster, theres no way that you can leave without getting hit, this removes all strategy in a fight and it basically comes down to your items, your items are more of a factor in a fight than how effectively or efficiently you can handle a certain pack, avoiding hits while in combat, using terrain to block line of sight against ranged attackers, or even having the right elemental weapon/spell being used against certain monsters make less of an impact than anything else.

      I am not trying to say it should make a bigger difference than items or build, but it should atleast be a factor in combat, hell, it might actually raise the extremely small skill gap that diablo has, you know, because you can actually be better than someone else, unlike right now, where the only difference between me and every other barb is maybe a couple items, that vary str/vit, and maybe a slight build difference, otherwise im the exact same, idn maybe pvp won’t have high hit leniency so atleast itll take a bit more accurrate clicking to be good.

      All I know is I haven’t (like almost every single person I know who bought diablo) played in months, and I don’t really plan on playing untill 3-4 patchs or pvp comes out, before I check to see if this game is even worth playing again, and I would be surprised if anyone of my friends decided to give this game a go aswell.

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