Continuing the earlier post, here’s some new additional info on Gambling Legendary Items in Reaper of Souls via Blood Shards.

    Also one last question, the Legendaries that can be acquired by gambling… are they restricted by difficulty? Or can gambling not even produce a torment level Legendary?

    Nevalistis: Okay, bit more info: Torment restricted Legendaries will not be able to be generated by the Blood Shard vendor. Difficulty setting will have no impact on the items generated from the vendor, which should help prevent situations where players start a new, higher difficulty game before spending their shards.

    Thanks for the feedback and reports, everyone! This kind of stuff is incredibly useful, and if you continue to experience similar oddities (especially after the next Beta patch), please don’t hesitate to let us know! I’ll be here to listen and read it all. =)

    I get the feeling these sort of player questions go to the CMs, who take them to the devs, who say, “Huh, never thought about that. Well, better think up something for an answer and put it into the game!”

    However it came about, I like this solution as it makes gambling a lot more worthwhile, while leaving the highest level gear only to be found, not rolled in town. That said, it puts a higher premium on balance and Nephalem Rift rewards to remain competitive. Currently the best way to get exp, gold, Blood Shards, and find legendary items is by doing bounties, and Shards aren’t really very useful now since gambling is pretty lame. Once gambling isn’t lame, bounties become even more profitable, far and away above other game activities.

    Can has balance, plz?

    On the larger issue, how feel you guys about gambling for fun and profit and legendary items? I’m for it since I like a variety of ways to obtain gear, but I can imagine some purist attitude being like, “No buying gear, via AH or vendors! All the best should be found!”

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