Gallery of Legendary Items on DiabloWiki

witch doctorThose who have been keeping an eye on the recent updates page in DiabloWiki recently will have noticed an awful lot of activity coming from the Risingred quarter. A few weeks ago he undertook the project of documenting every legendary item with screenshots of characters equipping the items. No small undertaking but he persevered and this weekend finally signed it off.

Although there are far too many items to link to in this news item I can link to one to get your started.  From there on check the nav box underneath the image which has links to all items.  You’ll find useful tabs for Legendary Armor, Legendary Weapons 1h, Legendary Weapons 2h and Set items.  Dip in via Pox Faulds.

Major props to Red for sticking with this one until the end.

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16 thoughts on “Gallery of Legendary Items on DiabloWiki

  1. Fantastic effort by Red.

    Really hoping patches will make all this great artwork a) useful and b) a little more common.

    • More useful – yes since they are buffing legendaries . More common – I don’t think Blizzard intend to increase the drop rate of legendaries. I do agree the drop rate is awful.

  2. …No New Information. Blizzard has been silent. Been looking up updates for this game for 6 years, more then actually playing the game itself. I’m starting to realize that this game might not even be playable after all. Fucking unbelievable.

  3. “You’ll find useful tabs for crappy orange Armor, crappy orange Weapons 1h, crappy orange Weapons 2h and Set items.”


    Kidding aside, nice work Risingred.

  4. Excellent work by Red.

    I can’t help but feel a little amused though, at the fact that there are so many amazing looking legendary items which no one will ever care to look at because of how woefully bad they are. Tragic. (Alternatively, there’s also the insane rarity to also add to that…)

  5. My congratulations and sincere thanks to RisingRed for all this hard work!

    Took some serious dedication.

  6. The more I know the more I realize just how untalented the leader developers for this game are to me. They had all this art work and made the items near unfindable, garbage to use, and uninteresting besides the art when you do find them? What were they thinking?

    I will most likely not buy a Diablo expansion unless they get new lead developers. I do not like the direction of the game and the major decisions were bad choices.

    They are so worried about casuals right? Most casuals will never even see these items or know they even existed. They might play Diablo for 50 hours and beat normal and nightmare then quit. They might not find ONE legendary or set and might never even know they existed.

    In fact I have not found one set item ever in Diablo 3 when I played it with dedication!

    • To be fair, its very difficult, to say the least, to let your creativity fly while coming up with the itemization, when there’s a dude overseeing everything you do and saying:

      “What? Cross-class moddifiers? No, no ,no. Too much fun, scrap that. And this! Wh..what madness is this? A chance to cast moddifier that is not something totally lame and boring? No can do. Do it again.”

  7. Thanks to all who helped out. Their names are permanently enshrined on my wiki user page.

    There’s 244 visible legendary items, and I think there were around 600 screenshots. I spent 34 million gold altogether. Took me over three weeks, I think.

    And yeah, it’s a shame mostly about the weapons, but the armor was all just re-skins besides DH cloaks. None of the spirit stones have unique graphics at all. Just the off-hands, weapons, shoulders and helms.
    My favorite weapon:

    Least favorite: (seriously they look like hulk hands)

  8. Nice work, but I think you overworked yourself. You could have replaced most of them with a picture of a Fiery Brimstone and no one would know the difference or care.

    • If people are buying brimstones then legendaries obviously serve a purpose. Yes, they suck, that isn’t the point.

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