G4TV has posted an open letter to Diablo 2, in honor of the tenth anniversary. It’s a nice letter, personalized and heart-felt. Here’s a quote:

    You also were one of the very first games to make me covet collector’s editions. Your Limited Edition Collector’s Set came with a manual signed by the development team, the game soundtrack (which is haunting and beautiful, thanks again for that one), a special DVD movie with all of the cutscenes (over 14 minutes worth! woo!) on it, the game itself, and … the Diablo II Dungeons & Dragons RPG! It was based on AD&D rules, and even came with a set of dice. As if things couldn’t get much nerdier for me, you had to nerd it up by tossing in D&D. This is like God of War III coming out with a collector’s edition that tosses in a God of War – Magic: The Gathering card set. Wait, that actually sounds sort of awesome.

    Speaking of Blizzard, what did they do to commemorate your ten year anniversary? They put up a single page about it. What?! They couldn’t even lower your price as a sign of respect? The StarCraft Battle Chest is cheap at $19.99, but the Diablo II Battle Chest is $39.99. That just doesn’t feel right. If I were you, I’d talk to someone over in public relations about treating you right. I suggest a price cut and a birthday cake, pronto.

    Anyhow, Diablo II, you’ve given me ten years of loot whoring and trying to find the perfect weapon. Any game that can give me that much enjoyment deserves a parade and a special drink made in its honor. If my index finger works, I’ll hoist one in your honor tonight.

    This is actually a fairly cool idea. It’s hard to think how to sum up my feelings about a game that’s been a fairly important part of my life for the past decade (and much more, since I was eagerly following it since it was announced in 1998.)  What do you guys think? Could you sum up your experiences with/feelings about Diablo 2 in a few paragraphs? I’ve gone ahead and created a thread for that, in the D2 community forum, and I kicked it off with my own open letter. Feel free to join in, and we can turn it into a real community project.

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