Yesterday G4TV aired a 3-minute video feature on Diablo III, and has now posted it on their main page. The video is mostly taken from the Blizzcon gameplay movies, but there’s some new footage as well. There’s also new, post-Blizzcon interview footage with DiabloWikiJay Wilson. Jay talks about how all of the characters are designed for “DPS” and are capable of killing quickly in any situation, the auto-attribute allocation, and more. A quote:

    Diablo II had stat spending. It wasn’t the most compelling customization. There was generally always a right answer. That’s not customization. We’ve got a rune system. Runes are items that drop off of enemies that you can use on skills. and they will allow you to completely change the nature of the skill. You can take a firebomb skill make it bounce to hit multiple targets.  You can add damage to teleport so that you would make an aggressive attack spell.

    We’ve designed the entire game to be played cooperatively. So a lot of our mechanics are really focused on co-op. if you pick up a health globe, any of your friends who are nearby gets a heal. We actually drop a lot more loot than in previous games since everyone is getting their own drops. If you see it on the ground it’s yours. We’re trying to get rid of some of the things that made people fight and not want to play together.

    Click through to view the embedded video.

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