G4’s Diablo 3 Combat Preview Shows New Stuff

G4TV has posted a video of what they’re calling a Diablo III Combat Preview. It features Jay Wilson talking about some of the game’s combat stuff, plus lots of clips of gameplay action. Nothing Jay says is news, and almost all of the video is taken from the new gameplay movie, but there’s still new stuff in the movie.

For one thing, as fmulder pointed out, there’s a new piece of artwork right at the start of the video. I don’t think they did it on purpose, but when they’re filming Jay he’s standing in the Diablo III offices, and directly behind him, across the room, is a huge painting of the male Wizard. It’s not a picture we’ve seen before, and it looks awesome; the style seems to be basically identical to this painting of the female wizard by DiabloWikiGlowei, and let’s hope they release this one in full digital quality at some point. It could only help, as the male wizard is still suffering from insecurities stemming from his “wimpy” character animation controversy.

You see the pic above and to the right, and yes, that outline is where I cut Jay Wilson’s face out of the picture. No offense Jay, but that tight a close up of your face kind of distracted from appreciating Wang Wei’s wizard artwork.

There’s some game footage as well, and while it’s not accidental, it’s very cleverly sneaked in. The shots show some of the combat action that takes place very early in the game, when your character first reaches zombie-overrun New Tristram. They are shown very briefly in the video, for literally like one second, and just to illustrate the G4TV guy in his gameplay session. But that wasn’t quick enough to avoid us!

Credit to Yab for spotting them, and you can see his 3 original screencaps in the forum thread. I fixed up the images a bit in PS, and you see them to the right and below. Click through; the images are saved at 1000px width; far larger than the thumbnails here.

Click through to see the G4tv video segment. It’s only 2:37 in length, and you may enjoy trying to stare straight through Jay Wilson’s nose to get a better look at the artwork.

PC Games – E3 2012 – Diablo 3
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40 thoughts on “G4’s Diablo 3 Combat Preview Shows New Stuff

  1. lol, graphics are horrible
    and they are designing external levels the mediocre way : tunnels and small areas
    im not paying for a pay to win game anyway. cant wait for grimdawn and tl2  🙂

    • Ok if you’re not interested in playing it,  you should stop coming to the fan sites to tell strangers on the internet about it.   We don’t care. Really we don’t.

    • So your assuming that theres no scaling on the graphics? I guess theres only 1 settings guys, lets pack it up, where done.

    • lol D3 graphics are terrible, but TL2 is going to be great graphically?  Man D2 fanboys are the weirdest bunch of fanboys in the entire world.  The franchise they claim to love, they blindly hate.  Just because Blizzard North isnt in existance anymore.  Do you people realize what pieces of crap those guys have published since leaving blizzard north?  What “great” games have they made since, oh thats right they havent made any Great games.  Torchlight was okay at best.  The blizz north guys made a game in the right genre, at the right time.  Victims of their own success

      • Hey now!  Hell gate london was AWESOME! lol   Does ANYONE remember how shitty diablo 2 looked when it came out!! anyone?

    • @Baracka Obema
      Seriously? Your trolling is making me sick to my stomach. You are judging the graphics on pics that are crop’d and stretched way out, probably on low settings, from an off screen camera….Wow… TL2 looks mediocre at best and grimdawn? lol, really, REALLY? Please, just go, your ignorance is disgusting.

      • Judging from your nickname you must be a pathetic virgin lol
        also its killing me inside how there is stupid fanboys which believe they would show the game to the world in the low settings. let me tell you a simple truth: the latest gameplay were on highest settings, including the use of FSAA, which i believe, will kill performance in most machines. fuccking lol. get a life.

        • Yes because you can easily tell someones sexual prowess by their Internet handle.
          Get a life?  You’re the one who’s getting mad at the man on the internet.
          I bet your hot pocket is just about done in the microwave,  better go get it.

        • “stupid fanboys which believe”
          I wish you would use proper grammar…as in “stupid fanboys WHO believe”
          plus, get a life yourself and stop calling people on this site pathetic virgins. The internet could do without people like you. thanks, that is all.

    • You mean you not playing if you cant cheat. We all understand dont worry, not everyone can be good at games.

  2. What the hell are you talking about? These screens give me heart after watching that crappy B-roll.

    • Are you talking about the b-roll youtube vid or the press kit vid? The press kit was a better quality.

  3. Wasn’t the male wizard based on the singer from Dead or Alive/Nightmares in Wax, Peter Burns?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Burns

  4. It’s exciting yet sad at the same time.  Exciting for new footage but sad that this excites us …   :p

    • I disagree with your assessment, but at any rate… this is 10 seconds into the game. Literally, this is the first thing you see when playing. I’m betting it gets better in the remaining 99.9% of the game. 😉

  5. So, I’m confused by the UI.  Not sure if above screenshots are still the UI designed with 7 actives in mind, or the new one; however, even if it’s the new one, there seems to be room for 4 skills, a potion, and right and left mouse clicks, period.  So we get to six skills that way, but what if, for some reason, one wants to make left click a basic weapon attack?  The screenshots seem to indicate that it won’t be possible to do everything.  Perhaps there is just never any reason for a basic attack in D3.

      • So, the tab key will switch to a skill that is pre-selected, but never shown on the UI (pre-tab)?  This part has always baffled me, as they keep stating, and I’m paraphrasing here, that they want this to be idiot proof.  Having one skill never show, until a “casual player” remembers that tab does something, seems somehow counter-intuitive to their stated design goals.

        • there’s no reason to use basic attack left click ever, since every class has low or mid level skills that have little/no resource cost.

          Such is the reasoning of the devs, at least.

    • Well, thanks to both of you, for the replies.  I guess I was unusual in D2 that I often had basic attack on the left click.  I guess over the top is the new norm.

  6. I don’t like the new UI look That golden frames :S. I prefer the 2010 november look.  I hope this one is not the latest version.  BUt game looks awesome. I’m looking forward to the beta.

    • The images are on the wiki, which might have been a bad idea, since it was moved to a new server yesterday. And thus people whose DNS hasn’t refreshed yet will not see them. The perils of me posting an update last minute before bed while slightly buzzed? 🙁

  7. At 31 seconds into the video there is a person playing the game on the left. If you pause the video and look closely you can see that the resource globe is split in half to have a red portion and a blue portion. My guess is that it’s a placeholder for the hatred/discipline system for the demon hunter.

  8. i was amazed at how great the graphics were in this game…
    … when i saw the first video (the one that was narrated).
    but, it was 3 years ago? now, the graphics are just plain OK (decent quality but nothing to be in awe about).
    i’m just hoping that the gameplay will make up for it

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