G4TV has posted a video of what they’re calling a Diablo III Combat Preview. It features Jay Wilson talking about some of the game’s combat stuff, plus lots of clips of gameplay action. Nothing Jay says is news, and almost all of the video is taken from the new gameplay movie, but there’s still new stuff in the movie.

    For one thing, as fmulder pointed out, there’s a new piece of artwork right at the start of the video. I don’t think they did it on purpose, but when they’re filming Jay he’s standing in the Diablo III offices, and directly behind him, across the room, is a huge painting of the male Wizard. It’s not a picture we’ve seen before, and it looks awesome; the style seems to be basically identical to this painting of the female wizard by DiabloWikiGlowei, and let’s hope they release this one in full digital quality at some point. It could only help, as the male wizard is still suffering from insecurities stemming from his “wimpy” character animation controversy.

    You see the pic above and to the right, and yes, that outline is where I cut Jay Wilson’s face out of the picture. No offense Jay, but that tight a close up of your face kind of distracted from appreciating Wang Wei’s wizard artwork.

    There’s some game footage as well, and while it’s not accidental, it’s very cleverly sneaked in. The shots show some of the combat action that takes place very early in the game, when your character first reaches zombie-overrun New Tristram. They are shown very briefly in the video, for literally like one second, and just to illustrate the G4TV guy in his gameplay session. But that wasn’t quick enough to avoid us!

    Credit to Yab for spotting them, and you can see his 3 original screencaps in the forum thread. I fixed up the images a bit in PS, and you see them to the right and below. Click through; the images are saved at 1000px width; far larger than the thumbnails here.

    Click through to see the G4tv video segment. It’s only 2:37 in length, and you may enjoy trying to stare straight through Jay Wilson’s nose to get a better look at the artwork.

    PC Games – E3 2012 – Diablo 3

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