Futureshop Offering Diablo 3 Discount Skyrim Deal

Special Deal

As many of you know, Skyrim has just launched and site visitor Jason picked up a flyer from Futureshop in Canada where they are offering $10 towards Diablo 3 when it’s released next year if you pick up a copy of Skyrim from them.

This is a pretty good offer as Skyrim is simply fantastic as the main IncGamers.com team found out earlier this week when they posted their review which showers the game with praise.

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37 thoughts on “Futureshop Offering Diablo 3 Discount Skyrim Deal

      • you are brave.  That whole series is worshipped.   I’ve never understood why though.  I tried Morrowind and the combat made me want to pull my hair out.  I’ve watched the video of Skyrim where the dude battles a dragon.  It just doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever.  I must be one of the very few who thinks it just looks completely lame.  To each his own I guess.  It’s a good thing there is so much choice out there.

        • You aren’t the only one.  I thought there were some cool things about Morrowind but it felt a bit out of date by the time I got around to trying it so I was really excited to see what Oblivion would be like being a modern update which would bring in the features and capabilities of a top end game.  It really left me disappointing when I found out it was little more than its predecessor.  It seems Bethesda is only good at cranking out the very narrow style that is apparent in all of their games.  There really is nothing unique or exciting about it and it grows stale so quickly.

          • Skyrim is better the Oblivion so far, IMO it moved back closer to Morrowind plus combat is better, though if your not that keen of the other elder scroll games it still not for you.

    • First off, that’s hilarious. Interesting exploit of the “we don’t care what you do as long as it isn’t attack or steal” “thought-patterns” of NPCs.
      Second, to everyone poo-pooing Skyrim: doesn’t matter, had sex.

  1. Mine should be to me by Monday. Something to hold me over since blizzard has yet to send me an invite to the game I really want to try 😉

    Target is also offering a 10$ giftcard with purchase of any of the versions on their advertisement. I bought it for 48+tax on the newegg pre-order sale.

  2. off-topic…I received my Diablo 3 mouse today from SteelSeries.  The thing is quite awesome looking.  More importantly, it feels quite good in my hand.   The glowing D3 logo is pretty freaking sweet.   Haven’t gotten any gameplay with it yet.  I’ll get to do some Starcraft 2 tomorrow with it.   It should knock the socks off the magic mouse, thats for sure.  (fyi, the magic mouse SUCKS at gaming..its a great mouse for browsing online, that is all its good for though)

  3. Anyone else notice “Available in SPRING 2012” :(. Normally retailers try to put an early date for future releases.

    • Well that because it confirmed that D3 is not coming out in 2011 and it as close as possible to being guaranteed to be out in Spring 2012. Though it depends on what they mean by Spring and other stuff like Q1 2 3 &4 etc.

      TBH Blizzard said they are aiming for Q1 which means that it should be out in the first 4 month of the year and Spring is the 3rd-6th months of the year.

  4. Skyrim is a lot like Diablo 3 in the sense that it seems as if the developers want to hold your hand throughout the entire game.

    • Wow I didn’t know you played all of Diablo 3 already to be able to make that comparison. Can I have your copy of the game then…

      • the beta is enough to see that … even if the full game was twice as hard – act1 normal can apparently be finished by 1-armed monkey in coma. i dont see how this is not “holding your hand”

        • Man, your so right WhiteGiant.  I mean, the first 3rd of act 1 in D2 was like, hard and stuff…

          • i dont say that iam not ok with it ^^ but it fits the definition of “holding your hand”
            i am content with this casual player  “help” – and i also dont claim to know how hard the rest of the game is but apparently you missed the point …

  5. Well it is not at all like D3. is boring and has a console stink allover. I don’t think on inferno somebody will hold your hand, not even your team mates, be quick or be death!

  6. $10 is nothing. I just spent $60 on two bags of groceries. They may as well offer a handful of pennies.

    • It seems you won’t be picking the first Speech perk in Skyrim, “Haggling”. It gives 10% more favorable prices, but its just gold, right?

  7. If u can pre order for fastest game access from blizz and dl digitally $10 aint shit……. waiting till mid dec for them to give release date and allowing pre order thru battle.net

  8. D’oh!  I wish I’d seen this a month or two ago before I pre-ordered Skyrim.  I mean come on, at this point, anyone who’s going to play Skyrim already is.

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