Futureshop Midnight Diablo 3 Openings Confirmed

If you’re in Canada and want to take part in the Diablo 3 midnight openings, then Futureshop could be the place to head to. On Friday they Tweeted that more details would be coming this week and today they have confirmed the midnight launch openings.

Diablo3 launches at Futureshop Tues 12:01AM 5/15/12 Mark your entire Class “Absent” now. =)

As we get closer to release we’ll see more openings being revealed, so if you spot one, let us know.

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10 thoughts on “Futureshop Midnight Diablo 3 Openings Confirmed

  1. I don’t know if the rep I spoke to in the game department was not aware of it or if it’s the FS at my location..but I was told that they don’t know yet if there are midnight launches for D3 yet and to call back around the first of May.

    So…Im unsure of the validity of this information. There is no ad on their website about it either. Hopefully later this week more light is shed on this.

  2. Odd that the official announcement says Futureshop because It’s always been Future Shop/

  3. I worked for the company for 5 years, and although only briefly as the manager of that department,  I’d be shocked if they didn’t do a midnight launch. They have for every WoW release, and SC2, as well as most of the CoDs and Halos. Part of it will depend on where you live, but if you live near a major city, you’re probably in luck if that’s what you want. -Titan  

  4. My GameStop (Amherst, NH) said they were on (though, they said they were closing at 1 AM, so fans had better be on time).

    • Did you mean to say Amherst, NS? Cause I actually lived near there a couple years ago.

  5. I live in Canada, but was planning on using the digital download. 

    Is there any reason not to? 

    • Buying a file from their website costs the exact same as buying the awesome looking boxed version. Physical copy wins.

  6. I wonder, what time will D3 servers open in Europe? How was it with SC2 if anyone knows?

    Will those open at midnight GMT here or we will have to wait till its released in US? 

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