The DiabloWikiJay Wilson interview we posted news about a few days ago was not a transcript; just a very quick “here’s what Jay said” sort of write up. Happily, the Diablo3.cc guys recorded the conversation, and one of their site admins, Kuangtu, is posting the full transcript, in English, in a thread in our Diablo 3 community forum. He’s typed out six of the questions/answers so far, and they’re full of great detail.

    Here are two that I found interesting; check the thread for all the rest, and expect more updates; Kuangtu is adding some each day. Plus bonus Jay Wilson photos! One of which I could not resist DiabLOL’ing.

    When we reach level 60, other than the daily DiabloWikiMagic Find run and arenas, what other thing we can do in Diablo?

    Jay: We have plans for DiabloWikiend game, most of it are things we haven’t announced. Pretty much all of it are things we haven’t announced. We have talked a little about changes we have made to the leveling curve. We want people to reach max level and have max level be viable play space which wasn’t really in Diablo2. Once they reach max level, we definitely want to make sure that there is content they can play that expands the breath of the game.

    In Diablo 2, the most optimal way to play was to do find the quickest DiabloWikiboss you can do, and repeat that boss run forever. It’s our intent to create a system that encourages people to play a lot more varied amount of content, and have that be the most beneficial way to play, such that the boss runs are really mitigated as a primary things that people do and become more secondary.

    Is there any requirement to enter the DiabloWikiarena? Like to reach a certain level or any other requirement?

    Jay: We actually haven’t make that call yet. It’s very likely that will be, what are finding is that arenas out side of max level tended be highly imbalanced, in ways we can’t readily fix. But even if there is a requirement for match-made arenas, we probably still allow people to play custom arena games that don’t count against their ratings, and those we likely wouldn’t put nearing as many restrictions. So, people just want to see what their level 20 characters can do in arenas against other characters, even against higher levels. We will probably allow that, but wouldn’t make it official game. The official game, we will structure it a little more. How much so? It reminds to be seen.

    Interesting that Jay says balancing chars for the Arena is pretty much impossible, short of Clvl 60. So the character power diverges wildly early on, and then they’ve been able to balance it to return to a more equivalent state for the end game? I’d think it would work the other way; closer early on when the equipment and skills are slightly limited, but spreading out further and further late game, when characters could be so much more specialized?

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