Full Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Presentation Video

Fmulder spotted a good quality (audio and video) recording of the entire Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls live conference presentation from yesterday morning at Gamescom, courtesy of PlayersCutTV, a Chinese Korean gaming site. The video is 32 minutes long and contains the entire talks by Josh Mosqueira and the other devs, good legible views of all the powerpoint slides and sample videos, and is pretty much the next best thing to having been there yourself.

Find a comfortable chair and dive in for the fullest info yet about all the new stuff coming in the Diablo 3 expansion.

Incidentally, if you guys are itching to discuss some of the specific elements of RoS or the upcoming D3C changes, we’re going to be offering main page posts compiling all that’s known about specific issues (Crusader, Loot Runs, Loot 2.0, etc) in the days to come, once more info has emerged to fill the holes in our knowledge. In the meantime, you could dive into some of the appropriate forum threads.

There’s vigorous debate over Crusader first impressions, Loot Runs, Malthael’s admirable terseness as an improvement over D3C’s lecturing Pumpkinhead Act Bosses, and what’s missing and still needed in Reaper of Souls. There’s even debate about the NEXT expansion class and how her attributes and mainstats should work.

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29 thoughts on “Full Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Presentation Video

  1. all this talk of making malthael seem dark/insidious is making me worried about a repeat of diablo/azmodan’s “scary” presence
    ill be waiting for a few reviews before i buy the expansion

  2. I wonder what they will do about the inflated economy. Most players stopped shortly after the game came out and they are dirt poor when they return for the expansion. There is so much gold in the economy right now and they will never be able to get that kind of money to buy the good items. I hope some sort of ladder system will be implemented to ensure a level playing field.

  3. good
    – randomazion is back
    – loot runs

    – quite boring new character
    – ah not deleted ?
    – no muliplayer arena / tournaments etc.
    – no d2 alike chat rooms
    – not too much new content

    I dunno, im just not very excited. Dont know why. We’ll see if im going to even buy the game.

    • you should really hold your complaints till after BlizzCon

      I know they won’t announce the AH being removed at BlizzCon, but they may have more good stuff coming

      • Since when are you positive towards Diablo 3? I remember you as one of the biggest opponents of it.

        • you have a very poor memory

          I’ve always been supportive of D3

          when they announced the Auction House I thought it was the greatest thing ever and strongly defended it

          and I have said many times that the networking code and the load times are AMAZING
          seriously, going from Act 1 to Act 2 takes ONE SECOND
          whoever coded that is brilliant

          its just there were SO MANY things to be negative about and so few to be positive about

          they finally added an ID all which made me happy
          I still want rune drops for skills
          I still want PvP that was demoed in 2011
          I still want to have a check box to never show cut scenes
          I still want to be able to travel between Acts and waypoints the way you could in D2 and I want to keep my Valor when I do so
          I want lightning damage to actually be lightning damage and do a special effect (POE does this very well)
          I still want ladders

          I still like POE better and even some things in TL2 better, and the Crusader gameplay videos do look pretty boring
          but I’m definitely going to buy the expansion because I love RPGs and I’m going to wait for BlizzCon for more info

    • Yes, it really is far too early to complain about something not happening. They’ll have held some major things back for Blizzcon, and possibly beyond.

  4. Malthael – why are we trying to stop him ?

    if he wants to get the soul stone and kill all demons, shouldn’t we be helping him ?

    • Didn’t you watch the video man? Malth consider humans as demons, since we kinda come from them (i believe part demon, part angels), so he wants to kill all demons AND humans..

    • Leah’s dead mate. But Malthael is probably going to absorb the soulstone’s souls, become semi-Diablo, get killed and all the souls he absorbed will be returned, including Leah’s which is probably trapped in the soulstone along with Diablo and all the other evils. Not sure how she’s going to get a body again, but it’s happening.

  5. So, do you guys think we’ll be bothered over and over again by Malthael via hologram, just like with Azmodan!?

  6. FYI PlayerCutTV is Korean site

    @FLUX please currect it is not Chinese gaming site. Many Koreans are reading this article.

  7. Anyone notice that at the end of the video his ‘Toughness’ keeps periodically going down? It’s at 7871 when he doesn’t have full health and it goes down every half a second (or so). He then hits full health and it stops dropping (at 7804). He then upgrades a piece of armour which has vitality in it (so he isn’t at full health). This increases his toughness to 9356 and it then starts to drop every half a second by decrements of 3. He then upgrades his weapon which also has vitality in and toughness shoots up to 10737 and then starts dropping at 4 per half second (it might even be every second, not sure).

  8. There is a Crusader passive that increases defense as HP drops, it’s not very good though.

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