Fmulder spotted a good quality (audio and video) recording of the entire Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls live conference presentation from yesterday morning at Gamescom, courtesy of PlayersCutTV, a Chinese Korean gaming site. The video is 32 minutes long and contains the entire talks by Josh Mosqueira and the other devs, good legible views of all the powerpoint slides and sample videos, and is pretty much the next best thing to having been there yourself.

    Find a comfortable chair and dive in for the fullest info yet about all the new stuff coming in the Diablo 3 expansion.

    Incidentally, if you guys are itching to discuss some of the specific elements of RoS or the upcoming D3C changes, we’re going to be offering main page posts compiling all that’s known about specific issues (Crusader, Loot Runs, Loot 2.0, etc) in the days to come, once more info has emerged to fill the holes in our knowledge. In the meantime, you could dive into some of the appropriate forum threads.

    There’s vigorous debate over Crusader first impressions, Loot Runs, Malthael’s admirable terseness as an improvement over D3C’s lecturing Pumpkinhead Act Bosses, and what’s missing and still needed in Reaper of Souls. There’s even debate about the NEXT expansion class and how her attributes and mainstats should work.

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