Full Diablo 3 Cinematic Premieres on 10 December

Some great news not only for the founders of Blizzard but also the Diablo community. The Spike VGAs take place on 10 December at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT and the industry will be celebrating the best games of the past year. At the awards the full  opening cinematic for Diablo 3 will be shown for the first time. Mike Morhaime, Allen Adham, and Frank Pearce will also be picking up the well-deserved Gamer God Award.

This year, Spike TV will be bestowing the Gamer God Award upon the three founders of Blizzard Entertainment for their immense contributions to the electronic gaming medium. Creators of the “World of Warcraft,” “Starcraft” and “Diablo” entertainment universes, Blizzard is celebrating its 20th anniversary – as well as the 15th anniversary of “Diablo” – in 2011. Co-founders Michael Morhaime, Allen Adham, and Frank Pearce will accept the award and treat Blizzard’s global community to the full never-before-seen opening cinematic of the company’s upcoming release, “Diablo III.”

We don’t know when in the show’s schedule the award will be handed out or the cinematic shown so be prepared to watch it all.


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  1. HELL Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait! I can see it now….the release date at the end of it!  Recommend this if you think the release date will come at the end of the cinematic!!!

    • “Recommend this if you think the release date will come at the end of the cinematic!!!”
      Regular “commentator” on youtube I see.

    • one could only hope.  If I recall, lots of folks here have said repeatedly that a 2 month release announcement is the norm for Blizzard.  Dec 10 seems like a good date as it would put the release in mid February to early March.   If you are the big 3 head hancho’s at Blizzard, what better way to make the crowd go %#$!#$% wild at the end of the cinematic.
      Don’t think I’ll hold my breath tho.

      • That’s my bet, release date within the next couple weeks (either at the VGA or sometime after) and a early to mid Febuary release… That’s what I’m hoping anyway…

    • I can see it now….
      totally awesome cinematic….
      cinematic goes dark…..
      the text “COMING SOON” then appears….
      the audience goes “BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  🙂

  2. Not sure if want to see

    or not

  3. Can’t wait for this though I doubt I’ll be surprised at any differences the full cinematic will bring.
    Prospect of release date? I merely hope for this.

  4. You know, the FULL Diablo 3 cinematic and NO release date at its end, that would be like a .. coitus interruptus. 😉

  5. is this the drawned cinematic from the press event or..?

    • It should be, yes… The people at the event said it was the intro cinematic they saw in it’s entirety and they said it was 2d and stylized as if it was coming out of Cain’s journal…

  6. While I’ve said for a while that the VGAs would be the perfect venue for a release date announcement, I have to say this news doesn’t make me any more certain that it will happen.  At this point, Blizzard must know that Diablo fans are hoping for the release date at the VGAs if it hasn’t happened by then just like we were all hoping to get it at Blizzcon (as unlikely as that prospect was).  At Blizzcon, they gave us the Soulstone Cinematic.  I’m not so sure this isn’t just another “tide me over” effort on their part to appease the masses the same as the Soustone Cinematic was then.  All this having been said, it still makes perfect sense to announce the release date at the VGAs due to the exposure it will give the game and its release date.  Now that the cinematic is official, it will certainly fall flat if newly introduced/reintroduced people don’t know when they can actually get the game.  You have to believe in order to capitalize most on the cinematic being show that the release date has to be public so that those that are interested in possibly preordering Diablo III after they see the cinematic won’t get put off by not knowing when they’d get it.  This is to say nothing of the massive amount of increased frustration the hardcore fans of the game will feel to continue to be left in the dark.  I look at it this way, if you thought at one time you might be able to release the game in 2011 (much less just announce the date of release), how do you get to 12/10/11 and STILL not even know when you want to release it?

  7. Color me cynical, but I can’t help but think that Act./Blizzard basically said “we’ll give you X dollars and let you show our full cinematic on your network if you give us your highest award.”

  8. So we’re excited about a 2d cartoony cinematic huh?

  9. question:
    some press people allready saw this opening cinematic: does it mention anything like “and the heavens shall tremble”?
    if yes: i think that means that this is why bashiok twittered “and the heavens shall tremble”
    if not: i dont know why bashiok would twitter “and the heavens shall tremble” just because of a opening cinematic that has nothing to do with this. and i think the only other thing “and the heavens shall tremble” can mean is that something epic will happen (release date). what else could happen? nothing i think

  10. Am I the only one who was wanting Diablo to smash the crap out of the china cabinet?? All I know is I want that dog in the video as my companion in the game – NO FEAR!!  Make it happen, Bliz!!

    All kidding aside, the bar just got raised for next year’s Blizcon costume contest.  He’s giving people a lot of lead time to one up him though.  Let’s hope he’s got some tricks up his sleeve that he’s holding back.

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