We just debated the female rumors about the BlizzCon 2011 Diablo artwork, but that was based on a straight-ahead view of just the upper body of “Sheablo.”

    Happily, a full-body view of the creature has been located, and I think it shakes up the argument a bit.

    Diablo looks a bit wasp-waisted, and lacks the muscular chest and arms male monsters and heroes always seem to sport. But in this view you can clearly see a second set of arms, and they’re quite slender and not at all manly. The wide hips look different too; much less “child-bearing” and more like armored bone protrusions. Also, I’m not seeing any trace of breasts on that chest, unless those are the worst implants ever — located on the shoulders and staring back in anger.

    On the whole… well Hell, I don’t know. She/he/it has elements of male and female, and weird. Four arms? Tiny mouths on the shoulders? Massive overgrowths of bone everywhere? Could Diablo be a combination of numerous individuals? Leah corrupted, plus Mephisto and Baal as the mouths on the shoulders? Hold the anchovies and pepperoni?

    Click the image to see it much larger, and you’re free to form your own opinion, but I don’t think I’d have had any, “Wait, is that a chick?” thoughts just from seeing this image….

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