Friends and Family Beta Invite Email

Just in case you were wondering what one of them looked like, here’s a screenshot of the authentic thing. Note the lack of a download link or Beta Key; for the F&F it’s all handled through your account; Blizzard got their list of invited accounts and enabled them on the servers.

Randomly-selected testers will get in the same way, but there will also be some emails with actual beta test keys, via contests and with pre-orders and such (or so I assert).

The image is very tall at full size, so click the thumb to view it at legible size, and try not to rupture your DiabloWikiDiablo III stress balls as the WANT filling your innards threatens to erupt.

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13 thoughts on “Friends and Family Beta Invite Email

  1. I never really got an email during the SC2 beta, I just happened to login to Bnet and there was an active SC2 Beta license. Not a charming prospect, spamming F5 will make me go mad.

    • You might want to check your spam folder – I had an SC2 Blizzard Beta invite end up there. I think they always send out an e-mail.

  2. What? You’re not doing that anyway?
    I’m curious. Do the real ID friend system work? Will my WoW and Starcraft 2 Real ID friends see me logged into Diablo 3 if I get beta? Hmmm =)

  3. i remember getting the sc2 beta key in the mail as well. But i also had a logo indicator in the old bnet2 interface,  Sadly i don’t see anything d3 related like that now i hope its not a bad sign lol

  4. Nothing surprising here, it looks a lot like the SC3 beta invite, albeit with a Diablo theme (and an incgamers watermark, how very strange! 😆 ). Normally you should get the email as well as the logo on your bnet account; the email is just a notification.

    I’m going crazy with all the streams and youtube videos popping up, I don’t want to watch anything until I get an invite. Aaaaaahhhh!

  5. is it confirmed we will get a beta key if we preorder the game?

    I remember I got a sc2 beta key when I preordered the game from amazon..

  6. If it is tied directly to your account, I’m guessing that there won’t be any contests this time around for Beta Keys?

  7. Bashiok has said they’ll actually be sending out some beta keys. I’d assume those will be for contest winners, with pre-orders, etc, though Bliz is doing their usual PR thing and refusing to comment on or confirm something it seems almost certain that they will do before long.

    The bulk of people will be the semi-randomly selected ones by Blizzard, and those are directly to your account if you’ve done the opt-in beta stuff.

  8. Did any of the F F beta users give specs of their computers? would love to know the lowest end that are playing.

  9. I got this exact email (my friend works at Blizzard, so wasn’t surprised), but when I log into nothing is there.  I sent it to support and they keep saying it could be phishing, yet it’s from the specific diablo(won’t put whole thing here)…and doesn’t ask for password or anything.  Just wanted to try D3! 🙂

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