A fan brought up a long time and popular request and got the usual “I’ll forward that to the devs” blue reply. The issue is worth discussing and voting on here, though.

    I played from release until a few months ago (got bored of repetition), but with the perspective of Loot 2.0, Adventure Mode and new class, I’d like to start over.

    New heroes, new campaign/adventure mode, possibly new builds and progression. Maybe now with Loot 2.0 I can finally play self-found and not be forced to grind in AH (I don’t like the removal of AH, it should be still there, but with the BoA, binding on equip). The wipe could include reset of achievements too.

    I think this would give more motivation to play again, just like the old D2 ladder resets.

    This has been brought up many times blues. Please pass it on to the Devs. Thank you.
    Lylirra: Can do.

    Are any of you guys interested in this option? A fresh start, full character wipe, all gear and gold gone, etc. You can sort of do it manually, just by deleting all of your characters, but you can’t untrain your artisans or give them amnesia for the recipes they’ve learned, and currently in the RoS beta you can’t even throw away your gold, since it’s all account-bound. (You’d have to spend it all on enchants, and then delete your chars.)

    It’s less impactful in RoS than it would be now in D3V since you find such better quality gear in Loot 2.0 that you can replace your D3V gear just by playing normally. Recipes you know now aren’t hard to refill either as quickly as they drop in RoS. (Actually, I have *never* seen any of the lvl 63 Archon crafting plans or D3V gem upgrade designs drop in RoS, but the new legendary/set recipes drop frequently.) The gold is what you’ll never recover without an Auction House in which to sell for riches, and that would really make your upgrading in RoS more difficult.

    But that’s what some players want; a new challenge and fresh start, and it doesn’t seem like it should be that hard for the devs to deliver it. Would you partake, if offered?

    Would you reset your account for a fresh start in Reaper of Souls?

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    Update: Due to popular request in comments, I added a ladder option an hour after the vote went live and reset the whole vote. Revote for victory!

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