A Fresh Start in Reaper of Souls?

A fan brought up a long time and popular request and got the usual “I’ll forward that to the devs” blue reply. The issue is worth discussing and voting on here, though.

I played from release until a few months ago (got bored of repetition), but with the perspective of Loot 2.0, Adventure Mode and new class, I’d like to start over.

New heroes, new campaign/adventure mode, possibly new builds and progression. Maybe now with Loot 2.0 I can finally play self-found and not be forced to grind in AH (I don’t like the removal of AH, it should be still there, but with the BoA, binding on equip). The wipe could include reset of achievements too.

I think this would give more motivation to play again, just like the old D2 ladder resets.

This has been brought up many times blues. Please pass it on to the Devs. Thank you.
Lylirra: Can do.

Are any of you guys interested in this option? A fresh start, full character wipe, all gear and gold gone, etc. You can sort of do it manually, just by deleting all of your characters, but you can’t untrain your artisans or give them amnesia for the recipes they’ve learned, and currently in the RoS beta you can’t even throw away your gold, since it’s all account-bound. (You’d have to spend it all on enchants, and then delete your chars.)

It’s less impactful in RoS than it would be now in D3V since you find such better quality gear in Loot 2.0 that you can replace your D3V gear just by playing normally. Recipes you know now aren’t hard to refill either as quickly as they drop in RoS. (Actually, I have *never* seen any of the lvl 63 Archon crafting plans or D3V gem upgrade designs drop in RoS, but the new legendary/set recipes drop frequently.) The gold is what you’ll never recover without an Auction House in which to sell for riches, and that would really make your upgrading in RoS more difficult.

But that’s what some players want; a new challenge and fresh start, and it doesn’t seem like it should be that hard for the devs to deliver it. Would you partake, if offered?

Would you reset your account for a fresh start in Reaper of Souls?

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Update: Due to popular request in comments, I added a ladder option an hour after the vote went live and reset the whole vote. Revote for victory!

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53 thoughts on “A Fresh Start in Reaper of Souls?

    • Are there any ladder features in the RoS beta? or 2.x?

      Actually active? That is, besides the datamined stuff?

    • Ladders on D3 RoS? HAHAHA yep..and charm, runewords, endgame, ironborn…
      …what the hell do you think kid…do you think Blizzard is listening the fans? HAHAHAHAHA… =(

      • I realize you’re a moronic troll, but I feel obliged to reiterate the fact:

        Blizzard hasn’t done anything but listen to the fans/make changes according to the loudest cries from the community since the game was in development (especially since release). Please, carry on with your sub 70 IQ.

        • We are here to talk about Diablo 3 don’t we. I expressed my respectful opinion about the op was asking about.
          If you are unable to participate in a community you better quit pal, you apport NOTHING AT ALL.

          • i agree with gargos 100%. if anyone in this conversation is sporting a sub 70 iq, it would indeed be common sense. as to hardrock (below), although you’re active as hell and generally bring constructive things to the table, at times i feel that you post just to bump up your post count.

          • I do tend to post randomly here and there, but I assure you I don’t do it to increase my post count. I don’t care about that at all. In fact, I would prefer it if forums wouldn’t show post counts, because they don’t mean anything at all, but can start childish and illogical arguments over authority.

  1. The only thing I would want to keep is my achievements, other than that I would love to have the option to wipe my account clean.

    • I spent some time (a few hours) looking for random events on desert a while back on desert – namely wheel of misfortunes. That and some other random stuff.

      If it wasn’t for that, I would gladly reset.

      Imo, if you don’t have at least 10 billion gold to spare and 5+ paragon 10 chars, you’ll eventually face a reset in a week or two.

      I don’t even think about gear and stuff, I don’t want to search for stuff on the desert again.

  2. I’d prefer a wipe something like this. Do not touch the characters nor the equipment they have, but clear every gem,artisan materials and gold they have. I believe this would make the devs work much easier to balance out the costs of everything.

  3. Considering how boring and stupid “leveling up” the artisans is, no thanks. If artisans recipes/abilities were unlocked through specific quests/events, or there were mutually exclusive choices (mojos vs. sources, quivers vs. fist weapons, etc) then it would be much more interesting and worth it to have character-specific artisans. Otherwise, it’s just a stupid time sink to grind up boar tusks, er, exquisite essence over and over again.

    • exactly, If the artisans had a skill tree that we built up like D2 skills or like Path of Exile Skills trees, then it might be an interesting endeavor. However, at this moment in time, all starting over means to me is grinding for pile of gold to feed the gold sink. Sorry … not interested.

  4. i don’t get the point. D2 lvling was useful cuz you’d get the + 1 skill point every lvl. Now its just the fastest grind to 60 / 70 and then gear up, right? So why do you want to do the lvl 1 – 60 over without anything? If u want, simple delete ur chars and stash, and go go!

  5. Just buy stuff on the auction house in early March to zero out your gold balance then delete your characters. Easy enough.

  6. I’ve been wanting this since pre-release just cuz I very much prefer to play 100% untwinked. I want every time I level up to be like the 1st time I leveled up!

  7. Have it an option, just like the ladder in D2.

    Full wipe. You want it, take it. Otherwise you play just like you were planning to before this topic came up.

  8. QUOTE

    I'd prefer a wipe something like this. Do not touch the characters nor the equipment they have, but clear every gem,artisan materials and gold they have. I believe this would make the devs work much easier to balance out the costs of everything.

    I agree. I’d like some benefit from the 1300+ hours I have into playing my wizard and DH, but if the gems and crafting mats are changing then yes, reset those.

  9. I’m a big fan of ladders in D2. So, maybe bring that system to D3. With increased difficulty, and ladder only items/features, maybe?

      • I don’t give a **** about my non-ladder chars. They get deleted. But that’s how I play. Different people have different play styles I guess.

  10. Hell why dont they make some retarded reset system, when they could reintroduce perfect and time proven feature like ladder?

    Sounds like new blizzard logic!!

  11. I know – lets have Achievements 2.0! How will it work? Just leave the current achievements, copy all of them, slap the “2.0” label on them and voila!

  12. No thank you.
    I don’t play HC because I don’t like to waste time. If I farm something, I should keep it.
    Hell, I’d say the people who played from day 1 until now are entitled to have an advantage over the newcomers.

    Thank god we all know Blizzard won’t give in to such requests.
    They know it would cause riots.

    • And how exactly an optional feature like this will disrupt yours or anyone else’s play?
      Assuming it doesn’t take much resources to implement.

      • the comments talk about it being optional, the news posts out of context seems like it’s suggesting a server wipe as opposed to a optional account wipe. So that could be where he’s coming from. as an optional account wipe. I don’t see the issue of doing it.

  13. After having played HC for 80% of the time since May 15th 2012, I have lately been leveling a SC DH (currently P51) in preparation for RoS. From trying the beta I can tell the paragon points are very much noticable upon starting new chars, and I definitely want to hoard as many of those as possible until March 25h.

    So no reset for me, thank you.

  14. Any Dev team with half a brain would implement a fresh start/ladder of some sort to start anew in RoS. So I expect this option will NOT be available in RoS.

  15. She can? The God doubts so!

    One way or another, divine being already plays fresh started characters, no ugly, unfair gold (heavenly intellect made The God an AH mogul once, not at all being happy, divine being left it rotting, the divine gold – later eaten by inflation, who does manage the economy? No one does, divine being supposes!)

    Full SF, enforced this time, as long as fun lasts – if any.

    Them items – The God will hunt them, and have them and call them his own!

    But the time with PTR progressing, The God feels less and less satisfaction – a passtime, that’s what Blizzard games become, and for 100 eur / set, divine being can have a lot more fun with other games – as it probably will. That’s what the once mighty company is now… Passtime

    Seeming somewhat into the future – WoW is dying, (The Bethrezen is dying), D3 was sold over old D2:LoD glory and new-WoW-wannahaves in record amount, couldn’t kept it, everything becomes too expensive and short-lived – mighty fan base is crumbling. For years now. An empire is falling. The God had seen it many times. No regrets, it was fun while it lasted. Pity that pure incompetence lead to it – there could’ve… should’ve… Time is the ruthless mistress

  16. I think questions is asked in wrong way and pool has bad options.. I think better question would be “Are you against account wipe feature?” and options “No, I would use it” “No but I wouldn’t use it” “Yes, it’s stupid feature for whatever reason” and “I really don’t care, I wouldn’t use it anyway”

  17. Some achievements were rather annoying/long/slow to do so I wouldn’t mind keeping them. But I’d like to reset my artisans and characters and all that.

    Also the addition of the ladder option, if I hadn’t read all the options before voting I would not have even seen it and just picked the reset.

  18. I have a better idea. Do it like d2 Lod and make it so you have to tick a box and make your character an expansion character. This would mean all expansion characters are fresh, with fresh stash to unlock and level 1 artisans. Your other characters would stay as they are now in the PTR.

    I guess it would mean you never lose your godly level 60 characters if you ever needed an ego boost (lol).

  19. Slightly off-topic; on the PTR, I haven’t found a single weapon w/ the extra % damage mod. Is it just gone, or is it “baked in” to the upper levels? I have an old 1100 rare dagger that I cannot upgrade b/c nothing has the %ED that pushes it up anymore. A couple of no-socket legendaries have good damage (1200+) but there’s still no %ED mod; it’s just the guaranteed elemental damage mod is way bigger than anything a rare can roll.

    TLDR: Is %ED gone forever?

    • It’s still in the game. It’s rare though and has a much smaller range than it used to. I don’t think I have ever seen more than +6% damage on a weapon.

      • Ouch. I know they were skittish about the old “need 5+ weapon stats to even bother” that D3C had (main stat, %ED, CC, CD, IAS, socket). I guess one way to “fix” that is to just ban one or two of them.

  20. The max %damage is 10, but the flat damage is a lot higher. The obvious side effect of this is that rubies are back being useless.

  21. I have possibly, a slightly better idea.
    If they had to do something that involved a wipe of sorts, why not take D2:Lod’s approach? By adding a tick box to make your characters “Expansion Characters”, they would start fresh with Level 1 artisans and no money or stash tabs.

    You could then either keep your level 60 characters separate, as they are currently in PTR, so your ego is in tact with those godly characters. Or maybe you could bring in old characters once you have your first level 70 character (but not bringing gold with you).

  22. I’d still prefer Ironborn mode – okay, with RoS the items I find while questing should be enough to complete the game, but I will have access to fully evolved Artisans and to shared stash/gold, which beats the purpose of Ironborn…it’s a big pain to keep notes on a sheet of paper to see which items/how much gold was found by which character, not to mention the nearly unsolvable problem with the Artisans…because of that, I can’t really vote for anything in the poll…

    Yeah, I know, that’s not how most of the people like to play, but still: It can’t be that much trouble to include such an option for players who enjoy that playstyle…(fair warning: no skills in programming whatsoever here…so I have no clue about the effort needed for such a task).

  23. When LoD launched, I wanted a fresh start- not only for myself but also for everyone else, too. I moved to the then new Asia 3 realm and started from scratch. I played there for a few months and had a great time before rejoining my friends on USEast.

  24. Been playing on US for a few weeks now. Not because I wanted a fresh start, just wanted to play with a friend.
    But it has been kinda fun to have to build up from the ground again.

    Well, still ruined a bit by AH. Give me RoS already.

  25. Since there is no real trading anymore and no auction house, let people choose a mode for each character. That’s what gamers love, choice.

    For me, I do not want to re level my D3 characters, I do not have the same fondness for them that I have for my Zons and Sorcs from D2. I play HC Ladder in D2 and have basically played at least every second ladder for a couple hundred hours each since they started that system.

    In D3, it takes too long to level, yes, even with the MP levels, there are no chant bots, no shouters, nothing except maybe a bit of twinking to make you shoot up to Inferno like there is to get to Hell in D2. If I lose an HC character in D2 (haven’t lost a high level one since Iron Maiden went bye bye), I can have a new one up to 75 or so in a weekend and probably have found some nice items on my NM Baal runs. In D3, it’s a huge failing that you cannot find end game items anywhere before Inferno, there is ZERO reason to stay in earlier difficulties except to gear up for the next one.

    I do not want to regear, I do not want to lose my gold. I have not bought the expansion and I will not do so, and will never again play D3 if they make a decision to wipe my characters or their assets.

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